GPS Locker MOD APK (Prime unlocked) 2.4.1

Updated on 01/05/2022 (11 months ago)
NameGPS Locker APK
PublisherSilentLexx UA
MOD FeaturesPrime unlocked
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Usually, GPS will have a bit of a problem and glitch when you change apps or turn off your phone. Using GPS Locker will not make that happen again. Fixed your GPS in your smartphone and not be affected by any other operation. Feel free to use GPS in case you are busy or can’t hold your phone. In addition, it also helps to lock GPS signals faster and more accurately. If used for a long time will improve the quality of GPS everywhere. The one who benefits the most is none other than the user with the convenience and no more worrying about faulty GPS.

We use GPS every day. It could be for locating and navigating, ordering things online, locating people… So if they fail or have problems, it’s going to be a problem. Understanding this deeply should GPS Locker help you improve again. The first will be to lock the GPS at a particular location completely. The time for it to reset and improve again will not belong. After just a few minutes, you will see a marked improvement in GPS quality. Not only with the primary device but also with smooth effects on other devices.

GPS Locker mod

Download GPS Locker mod – Lock GPS and improve location quality

The main interface of GPS Locker is a chart that is quite confusing for most users. But if exposed for a long time, you will get used to them and know how to use them. The numbers represent the points and the corresponding GPS coordinates. The chart will increase or decrease depending on your current position. Please enable GPS before using GPS Locker. Thus, the new parameters appear, and you will know clearly. Below is the GPS lock button that plays a critical role in this application. When you press that button, the GPS will lock completely. It will undergo a reset for correct usage. It won’t be too long for you to wait, but don’t do anything when GPS is locked.

Suitable for the respective game

Somewhere on the market, there will also be games that require GPS to play. If mo chance, you love such games, then GPS Locker is for you. Games that use GPS that fail are nearly unplayable. Just two straightforward steps are to access and press the GPS lock. You have solved a game problem. Now feel free to enjoy it, and if it happens again, free. Don’t forget to lock the GPS so they are set up and perfect.

GPS Locker mod apk

Easy automatic adjustment

The settings of GPS Locker are pretty detailed, and you should pay attention to this part. Most importantly, screen-related operations affect the GPS. You can turn off the screen when turning off the GPS to save battery life. Turn on GPS auto-blocking when it senses it’s faulty and needs constant repair. Moreover, GPS Locker also links with many other positioning applications. So there is a high chance there will be a shortcut button to move to GPS Locker right on that application. Please install it to bring the most convenience to you.

Quick and convenient operation

As soon as the GPS is successfully repaired, check the applications that need to use to see if it is working correctly. GPS Locker also has another particular function. Once the GPS has been fixed, the priority application can start up immediately. The purpose is still to check if the GPS is working correctly or not. You can turn this mode on and off at any time. While you are busy and forget your smartphone, this is necessary to not miss important information from that application that uses GPS.

GPS Locker mod apk free

Although only one feature is GPS lock and repair, GPS Locker is still very popular with users. GPS quality when reset is also commendable. GPS Locker mod is a pocket application that should be available when you use GPS a lot on your smartphone.

Download GPS Locker MOD APK (Prime unlocked) for Android

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