Auto Battles Online MOD APK (Menu/God mode/one hit kill/Fast attack) 2314

Updated 25/05/2024 (4 weeks ago)
NameAuto Battles Online APK
PublisherTier 9 Game Studios
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesMenu/God mode/one hit kill/Fast attack
SupportAndroid 5.0+
Get it onGoogle Play
Auto Battles Online MOD APK detail?
  • One Hit Kill
  • God Mode
  • Fast Attack

Introduce MOD APK Auto Battles Online

Become a hero with a mission to fight the villains in Auto Battles Online MOD APK (Menu/God mode/one hit kill/Fast attack). Medieval times were peaceful, evil people who suddenly appeared plotting to take over the earth. They go crazy, destroy everything and make everyone’s efforts futile. The innocent people standing before them had only a tiny force and could not resist. The people need heroes to keep the peace in this world and lead them to freedom. Courage will be your strength to receive on a noble mission to eliminate the villains. Equip weapons and form a team of heroes against the villains who save the world.

The villains suddenly appeared, and humanity discovered the evil plot. They not only want to destroy all artificial animals but also want to enslave the whole world. The small person standing in front of this dark force had no resistance at all. Humans are gradually being enslaved, and soon, their plan will be completed. But as a hero, you can’t let this happen and have to stand up. The responsibility to protect world peace and human freedom now rests on your shoulders. The planet of life cannot be destroyed by evil, and you must save people from evil.

Auto Battles Online mod

Download Auto Battles Online APK mod – Fight against evil forces

The villains have turned the peace of this world upside down ever since they appeared. The mysterious power of these monsters made people unable to resist and gradually lost. Humans are being enslaved by them step by step and must follow and serve them in any way. The earth’s landscape has become chaotic, and killing by the wicked is everywhere. Heroes must bravely step out and save the earth from the danger of being destroyed by evil. People must also be rescued to avoid being tortured by them and find freedom like peace. Become a hero and fight with your team against the evil hordes destroying the earth.

Auto Battles Online free

Anti-villain squad

The journey to confront the world-destroying enemy will require additional companions. It’s a team that can help you travel around the world and face your enemies. Different lands like islands or dungeons will be where you have to enter. So protect yourself by joining forces with other heroes. You will also fight to destroy evil and against an evil enemy. To find yourself, companions, you have to fight and understand everything. Be careful in finding squads and allies because this determines your life.

Auto Battles Online apk

Combat missions

As a hero, your mission is not only to fight the villains. Some people are influenced by evil enemies and carry their thoughts. They also create their team to fight, but not to protect the world. They go everywhere and challenge the hero formation to protect the world and prevent justice. So you must fight and stop them before they can affect the plan. You will also have to send your team of heroes into the dungeon to hunt down the villains. Explore quests and find treasures to strengthen your squad.

Auto Battles Online mod apk

Character equipment

Fighting evil is complex, so you need equipment. You will be more confident when confronting them in fierce battles with modern weapons. Your heroes can defeat villains or enemy members more easily. And by fighting evil enemies, you can also increase your ability to own an arsenal. They are all meticulously designed and give great power when used by heroes. You can also create for your heroes looks suitable for you to fight. Finally, equip your squad with powerful weapons and create your fighting style.

Auto Battles Online android

The world was no longer as peaceful as before, but gradually monsters appeared and were destroyed. Ordinary people could not resist them and were gradually cornered into slavery by the wicked. They need help from the brave, and that’s why heroes appear. Those people can fight against the monsters comprehensively to protect them all. The world needs protection, and even the people need the hero’s help. The anti-evil squad will make their plans fail with powerful weapons. Download Auto Battles Online APK 2314 to create a hero squad with the task of fighting to protect the world.

How to Download & Install Auto Battles Online MOD APK (Menu/God mode/one hit kill/Fast attack) for Android


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