AU TOP MOD APK 1.8 (Menu, Perfect Auto Dance | Perfect on Taiko)

Updated 2 weeks ago
PublisherVTC Mobile Entertainment & Sport Center
MOD FeaturesMenu, Perfect Auto Dance | Perfect on Taiko
SupportAndroid 5.0+
Get it onGoogle Play
MOD Infomation

Mod Menu
>Perfect Auto Dance; Always Perfect on Taiko (You still need to press Beat button on Beat mode)
>Crazy Mode Extra tap Slider
>Move Speed Multiplier

Check mod menu for further info.

Take part in the universal choreography and make exciting dance moves in AU TOP. This dance fashion game will allow you to express yourself here. Your personality will be revealed through the characters you play. You can’t dance to the song’s rhythm, but the game helps you do this. The tools will let you feel every sound of the song and perform solos. Help the characters you embody to perform dance moves that are difficult for you to do in real life. Listen to every song of the game and create your unique dance beats.

You can experience catchy music melodies while singing along with it. Moreover, you can participate in experiencing a different version of yourself in this game. A tiny self that you can optionally customize the appearance of the character. You bring your personality to the characters and control them in the world of color. Your personality is what determines the actions of the characters in AU TOP. A new opportunity to experience styles according to your nature has been opened. Make your avatar in the vibrant music world and participate in the dance moves.

AU TOP android

Download AU TOP mod – Enter the world of dance games

You will join the community of dancers with stylized steps on the stage. When you blend in with the melody and song sounds, you also master the character. They will dance with you under your control like a professional dancer. Any way to master the moves is not possible with practice. New dancers will be born daily, and allow yourself to pursue and perform. You can also pair up with others by expressing your interest in them. Together create love based on the unity of dance in the world of dance.

AU TOP apk

Swinging to the music

You will want to swing once you feel the music’s rhythm. Music will transport you to an emotional world where you can relax. Your body will be in tune with the melodies emanating from the sounds in the game. How you dance to the music can make you shine like a professional dancer. The arena will be the place where you show your musical sensibility and the way you swing to the song. This is also where you practice your favorite dance moves to become a dancer. Immerse yourself in the music and use your heart to guide you through your dance moves like a pro.

AU TOP mod apk

Love in the background music

You can find companions who share the same dance style in the game. Music connects you to the dances in the arena and gives you life. Now it’s possible to find your soul mate through the dances you learn. That’s when you meet other people with the same passion for music and dancing. In the arena, you meet people with the same interest in feeling the music and swinging with it. The opportunity you can get to know and develop your feelings to enjoy music together. Match melodies together in the background and find someone in tune with you to create passionate love.

AU TOP mod

Personality to create fashion

Your personality is unique, and that’s what creates your second appearance in the game. You can express your inner self by choosing a fashion for your character. The clothes you put on them are different, but they are all exquisite. The trendy items that you design from your imagination will be the thing that best describes you in the eyes of people. But style is constantly changing, and no one can guess your fixed style but you. Wearing beautiful clothes and dancing to music to attract others is a talent. So create your own fashion set and show your class in the music world.

AU TOP free

You can now fulfill your musical dreams in costumes. Not only can you listen to upbeat tunes, but you can swing yourself to it. The only way to feel is to immerse yourself in the music and let your body freely perform the dances. Music is also a way to find love based on synchronicity. You meet many other people in the ring, and that’s when you find a partner. Your fashion sets will be created according to the personality of the person inside you. Download AU TOP mod to immerse yourself in the music and free dance to exciting tunes.

Download AU TOP MOD APK (Menu, Perfect Auto Dance | Perfect on Taiko) for Android

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