Attack Hole MOD APK (Unlimited money) 1.22.0

Updated 22/05/2024 (1 week ago)
NameAttack Hole APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 5.1+
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Introduce MOD APK Attack Hole

There was a time in the gaming community that emerged games with simple designs but very attractive gameplay. Attack Hole is also such an electronic game. However it looks simple, but the game contains a lot of tough challenges. The game takes place on a distant planet with extremely dangerous enemies. You will become a cosmic black hole, moving around the planet to eat things. From there, gradually increase its size and turn the body into a giant. This body can suck everything and become invincible. In particular, you can also launch missiles and weapons to destroy obstacles that appear on the way.

Everyone knows that cosmic black holes have tremendous power. And your black hole in this game has the same power. However, it is an online ga,  areso other players are also participating in the game. You can completely be swallowed by other players’ bigger black holes. But it is also quite attractive when you are competing with others. Competition will help your position on the leaderboard a lot faster. Accumulating a lot of points will make you closer to being on par with the strongest. There is also a level-based game mode that is equally attractive.

Attack Hole android

Download Attack Hole mod – Move the cosmic black hole around the planet to suck all the items.

After choosing the black hole you want, the player is taken to the item eating area. There are many different items with sizes from easy to difficult. From bullets, guns, grenades, rockets, … are lined up along the way. Then you just need to hold down your hand on the black hole and move it around the screen. Wherever the black hole goes, the item that fits will automatically fall into the hole. But if items collide with each other, they fall horizontally. This causes the item to resize and possibly be larger than the size of your black hole. There is a countdown timer below the black hole, running back does not mean you lose.

Attack Hole apk free

Combat Weapons

When you join the fight, as mentioned can launch weapons to destroy others. To get these weapons, you can buy them in the game store. Just use the purple diamonds you earn, or watch the videos that the game offers. In the store, there are many weapons for you to choose from freely. Colorful grenades, with green grenades, are free. Or the striking black cannons, the various pistols, and rifles. There are also pink and yellow pillows for players to choose from. As long as something is lethal, it can become your offensive weapon in the game.

Attack Hole apk

Support skills

Many times you may encounter difficulties when the battle takes place. So what players need to do then, Attack Hole has provided you with the latest support skills. In the left corner of the screen, there are small squares; inside, there are representative icons. These are the skills you can use to make the fight easier. As shown in the picture, the clock works to help you add a certain amount of time. Or the red magnet has the effect of attracting items into your black hole in bulk. Or the speedometer image helps the black hole’s ability to move and absorb items faster than before.

Attack Hole mod apk

Locations and challenges

If the player feels too bored before this scene, you can completely switch the scene to another new area. For example, the blue sea, white sand, and whispering waves with green coconut trees. Or on a road stretching to infinity with difficult twists and turns. Items are arranged in many different shapes, possibly many circles. Or small items are lined up on the inside, larger weapons cover the outside of the system. Every time your black hole gets bigger, a blue text will appear on the notification screen. Follow the lines to change the direction more appropriate and faster.

Attack Hole mod

Talk about fighting by throwing weapons out of black holes. That’s when you go to destroy a red doll that is moving around the planet. The types of weapons and the number you have are displayed at the bottom of the screen. On top of the doll, there is a green horizontal bar. When you make this flat bar exhausted and turn transparent, you have defeated him. Download Attack Hole mod that controls the cosmic black hole to move around the planet to eat all the items and weapons.

How to Download & Install Attack Hole MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android


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