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Updated 16/05/2024 (4 days ago)
NameAtlantis APK
PublisherSpirit Bomb - Arcade Shooting Games
MOD FeaturesFree shopping
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Atlantis

The people of the ocean in the world of Atlantis always find a way to fight their enemies. This is a war of immense scale and beyond imagination. You will only be able to win with a professional pilot’s skill. Use the spaceships to glide effortlessly on the ocean floor. Shoot deadly lasers that destroy all opponent’s warships quickly. Make them give up because there is nothing you can do in this fight. Become the iconic hero that can lead the vast aquarium under the dark seabed.

Also, Atlantis has created a different direction using the long-standing plane shooting game. That is to integrate the story underwater instead of in space. A war of more extraordinary brutality than we have ever seen. It is also quite challenging for each person’s airship control skills. From explosion effects, shooting and destruction are all very eye-catching and create a thrill in combat. More specifically, it does not need to use the network to operate. You can play in any conditions to entertain yourself most stably.

Atlantis Alien Space Shooter mod

Download Atlantis mod – Drive the enemy out of the territory

The underwater kingdom you run is in danger of being invaded. The enemy is a rival nation that enslaves smaller territories outside. To assert your influence, board the best spaceship and go to war. You have to put your automatic salvo on the enemy’s right side. Shoot until they are destroyed and pick up the pieces that fall. These pieces of components will be a good assistant for us to have an advantage. Fly until you defeat the entire enemy fleet, then you officially win. Challenges are the most fertile place for us to hone our skills daily.

Hunting for submarines

The types of submarines used in our combat have a great variety. You will own them by accumulating money and unlocking them when you have enough requirements. Higher-level submarines are only opened when your level cap allows. Each thing is designed with a modern appearance like an alien. The weapon it uses will be shown through the animation of bullets fired at the enemy. The more expensive the price, the better the submarines have better resistance and significant damage. Don’t forget to upgrade components to optimize the basic stats they have. The stronger the submarine, the easier it is to confront the enemy.

Atlantis Alien Space Shooter mod free

Combat Drones

Drones can follow you to contribute more damage to the firepower. The drone’s damage is always smaller and sparser than the submarine you control. They are like submarines, and the more expensive they are, the more advantages they bring. Try to unlock the best type of Drone for you. They will help you quickly obtain the enemy to dust faster without much effort. It also offers a broader range of attacks aimed at enemy squadrons. So we can spread the damage and make them impossible to dodge. These companions will be effective assistants for us.

Atlantis Alien Space Shooter mod apk

Thrilling plot

When playing Atlantis, you will discover many secrets about nations operating in the deep sea. An advanced civilization was not inferior to that of extraterrestrials. Contradictions and conflicts occur for the sake of benefit and the protection of life. But, of course, the characters will try to convey it to you as clearly as possible. Make the adventure more interesting when going through different chapters of Atlantis mod.

How to Download & Install Atlantis MOD APK (Free shopping) for Android


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