Archer Hero – Bow Masters MOD APK 0.1.10 (Menu, Onehit, Unlimited money)

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NameArcher Hero – Bow Masters APK
PublisherWeMaster Games
MOD FeaturesMenu, Onehit, Unlimited money
SupportAndroid 6.0+
Get it onGoogle Play
MOD Infomation

✶ One Hit Kill
✶ Unlimited Diamonds

Lead the way for archery heroes in the game Archer Hero – Bow Masters to advance and destroy the enemy. They are the leading archers of the kingdom and take on the task of fighting the dark forces. The heroes’ excellent archery skills will be what help them get out of each dangerous situation. They will take turns defeating each enemy guarding the door to the dungeon before entering. Deep within are many types of enemies that will still await the test of strength and archery ability. Only a good bow user can encounter the boss and complete the quest. Together with the heroes, advance and follow the bow and arrow to begin the journey to protect the kingdom.

Countless dark forces have appeared in the world of talented archers. The archers needed to step out in the face of danger from monsters from these forces. The safety of this kingdom needs to be protected and not invaded by monsters. The archers had shouldered the responsibility of fighting the forces of monsters, and they needed a companion. Archers need brave people to conquer each dungeon together until the end. Monsters can appear everywhere, which makes them need you to help them stay alert. Team up with archers on their quests and explore the world your way.

Archer Hero android

Download Archer Hero – Bow Masters mod – Destroy all monsters with a bow in hand

The kingdom of archers has fallen within reach of the dark forces. They sent monsters to test the power of the kingdom before attacking. But that plot was discovered by the talented archers living in the kingdom. They were forced to destroy them before announcing their return to the dark forces. The plan was laid out, and the kingdom’s safety was placed above all else. The archers will bring their bows and arrows and bravely go deep into the door to confront the monster. Accompany the archers of the kingdom and advance with them using bows and arrows to destroy the enemy.

Archer Hero mod apk

Countless monsters

The appearance of monsters in the kingdom is still a great mystery yet to be discovered. But their goal has been determined to destroy the place where the archers live. Monsters had appeared as the archer’s enemy, and they had to deal with it. Companion archers will also be able to uncover the secrets of the dark forces. Were the strange creatures the archer encountered by chance? Or maybe they were set up here to challenge the survival of the archer and the kingdom. Complete quests to slay countless monsters with your bow and discover the answer to them all.

Archer Hero free

Talented archer

Each archer received a mission to protect their kingdom against attack from monsters. They are people who are not afraid of challenges but deal with the dangers coming to the heroes. More special when they can fight with you against opportunities that are only both. Thanks to you, the archers can get more powerful equipment to fight. You and the hero can quickly destroy evil forces in the dungeon. Archers you follow can also be outfitted in battle. Turn your talented archer into a pro who specializes in hunting and defeating monsters.

Archer Hero mod

Archer’s weapon

Your heroes fight for the kingdom but will receive the reward they deserve. It was an act of bravery that kept everyone safe from monster attacks. Your hero will collect money from killing monsters with his arrows. Each time you upgrade your hero will help them increase their ability to shoot bows. The bow that your hero holds will be able to be enhanced to shoot more arrows. Besides you as a companion, heroes can also collect more pets. These adorable creatures can help you attack enemies or heal archers.

Archer Hero apk

The kingdom of archers has been facing the threat of attack ever since. The dark forces appeared and released hordes of monsters to attack the palace. Heroes who carry bows and arrows and follow instructions will travel to save the world. Waiting for them are traps created by monsters and threatening the lives of archers. Monsters of different shapes will also be ready to rush toward you and attack. Talented archers will be the ones you control to rush into the dungeon with weapons and equipment. Download Archer Hero – Bow Masters mod to become one of the archers protecting the kingdom.

Download Archer Hero – Bow Masters MOD APK (Menu, Onehit, Unlimited money) for Android

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