AR Plan 3D Tape Measure, Ruler MOD APK (Unlocked Premium) 4.8.5

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NameAR Plan 3D Tape Measure, Ruler APK
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SupportAndroid 8.0+
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Introduce MOD APK AR Plan 3D Tape Measure, Ruler

Thanks to the development of modern technology, people’s lives are increasingly simplified and much more convenient. Now, applications solve everyday problems and are constantly evolving to support users in highly specialized fields, helping improve work progress and reduce effort. Go out. AR Plan 3D Tape Measure, Ruler is a typical example, an application designed to replace users with measuring and calculating tasks in construction and design. With this application, users can design the home and office of their dreams without going through complicated manual measurement steps. Building layouts and creating blueprints for projects from small to large is now just a tiny thing.

Modern rulers are integrated into mobile phones; access the application, and all dimensions of the measuring object will be displayed on the screen. There is no need to carry around complicated tools and measures anymore because AR Plan 3D Tape Measure, Ruler will help users do all the steps quickly.

AR Plan 3D Tape Measure Ruler android

Download AR Plan 3D Tape Measure, Ruler mod – Measure, sketch designs, and create 3D models

AR Plan 3D Tape Measure, Ruler is an innovative measuring tool that takes the sizing of houses, rooms, and objects to a whole new level with AR technology and scanners Lidar. It uses a virtual tape measure that appears on the actual surface to make measuring, critical planning, and creating 3D diagrams much simpler and faster than the previous manual measurement method. By bringing the phone’s camera into the measuring range and touching the screen to make the starting and end points, the user will quickly get the size parameters such as length, width, circumference, volume, and area. Importance of the measured object. This helps optimize the user’s sizing and calculation process, saving time and effort.

AR Plan 3D Tape Measure Ruler apk

Use standard units of measurement

To be helpful to all users, AR Plan 3D Tape Measure, Ruler uses the most popular unit of measure worldwide so everyone can quickly get used to how it works. With the primary measurement system being the Metric and the British Empire system, including a range of units of measurement such as millimeters, centimeters, inches, feet, and yards, this application allows users to change between units of measurement depending on their needs freely—demand use. The variety of measurement units also makes it possible to convert and use them to calculate various parameters of the object on which the measurement is performed. Users can use AR Plan 3D Tape Measure and Ruler to measure the size of a room or the length of an object because its measurement capabilities are unlimited, helping users quickly know—Parameters of everything.

AR Plan 3D Tape Measure Ruler mod

Modern Lidar Scanner

The unique measurement capabilities of AR Plan 3D Tape Measure and Ruler are all created by the Lidar scanner. This fantastic tool uses camera sensor technology to determine any automatic object size. The object that the user is measuring. The Lidar scanner can quickly produce results from the perimeter, floor area to wall area, and whatever size the user wants. This function is extremely useful in construction projects, helping users determine the exact amount of materials. An invaluable tool that contractors and builders should not overlook, as it can save a lot of time and money. Lidar scanners can efficiently perform difficult and hazardous measurement tasks, significantly reducing the work the user has to shoulder.

AR Plan 3D Tape Measure Ruler apk free

Design virtual reality space

Not only supporting the measurement process, AR Plan 3D Tape Measure, Ruler can also create 3D floor plans, draw sketches and build designs with accurate dimensions thanks to the 3D Floor Planning feature. An interesting feature allows users to admire the house or office they have always dreamed of in three-dimensional space. With the modern and flexible tools that the application provides, users will be able to create a home that completely meets their needs, from layout to aesthetics. In addition, AR Plan 3D Tape Measure, Ruler can also model the user’s house or workspace accurately based on the received measurement parameters. This helps users feel where they have been for a long time from many different angles and find a new arrangement that is more suitable.

AR Plan 3D Tape Measure Ruler android free

Download AR Plan 3D Tape Measure, Ruler mod to support measurement and design building your works.

How to Download & Install AR Plan 3D Tape Measure, Ruler MOD APK (Unlocked Premium) for Android


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