Hero Rescue Quest MOD APK (Unlimited money) 2.8

Updated on 09/01/2023 (4 weeks ago)
NameHero Rescue Quest APK
Publisher1UP Match 3 Games
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 7.0+
Get it onGoogle Play
Hero Rescue Quest MOD APK Infomation

A large number of gold coins can be unlocked after receiving

When having trouble with Hero Rescue Quest, use your supreme intelligence. It will help us confidently overcome even the craziest things in the world. These challenges aim to select the person who is capable of making history. Wisdom, instead of strength, is the best weapon for quick success. No matter how many enemies there are, it will not stop you. Let’s make them all drown in endless suffering. Save what’s precious to you with every possibility.

Hero Rescue Quest is a situational puzzle genre that everyone will enjoy. The boring rules of old-fashioned puzzles do not constrain them. Instead, let the player find a way to remove those difficulties. You will live in a medieval world full of myths. Transform into a hero with infinite possibilities. Join the complex rescues created by the developer. This is also an intellectual test that you should be interested in. It is an accurate measure to know where you are and improves further.

Hero Rescue Quest mod free

Download Hero Rescue Quest mod – Puzzle and help the hero

A hero is struggling with the puzzles that lie ahead. What he wants is locked by really clever traps. Help him get those things by clearing the dangers. Unlock a convenient path for the hero to get what he needs. We will have to link the actions together in an excellent way. It would be best if you eliminated all threats along the way. At the same time, protecting what he will receive is necessary. If the rewards disappear entirely, then the game will be over. So it takes a bit of careful calculation to avoid mistakes and play from the beginning.

Hundreds of challenges

You can rest assured that your journey will not end in a boring way because there will be a lot of contexts created to make it difficult for our hero. You need to rescue the beautiful princess who is being held in prison. Grab the treasures located in the locked rooms. Besides, also have to face the guys many times bigger. There is also the pursuit of enemies on the other side. This battle will be very intense with clever calculations. You will have to try until you have accomplished your goal. The keys will always be linked to each other. They are randomly placed according to the rules of the screen itself.

Hero Rescue Quest mod

Build castles

To start a warrior’s career, we need a place to reside. It is a castle big enough to show its power. So, where will the funds come from to build the castle? Indeed, from your conquests, as you pass through enemy territory. Steal their treasures and create your piece by piece. You will get a lot of relaxed and comfortable rooms. When you’re done, you’ll have the opportunity to stroll around and explore the interior. Find ways to create great and prosperous things. The more you fight, the faster you harvest money and build your own house.

Hero Rescue Quest mod apk

Competing for position

There is a leaderboard to honour the number of points a player receives. The big rewards are usually for those at the top of the table. The more levels you complete, the higher your score will be. These points are accumulated to assess your level fairly. So if you have the desire to fight non-stop, play seriously. Gradually compete for the top positions. Everything is worth the merits spent in Hero Rescue Quest mod.

Download Hero Rescue Quest MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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