Angry Birds Friends MOD APK (Unlimited Booster) 12.0.0

Updated 22/02/2024 (3 days ago)
NameAngry Birds Friends APK
PublisherRovio Entertainment Corporation
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Booster
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Introduce MOD APK Angry Birds Friends

Coming to Angry Birds Friends you will be turned into birds to destroy your opponents to rescue teammates locked in sturdy iron cages. Seemingly simple, but the player has to go through a lot of challenges, the level of difficulty continuously increases the level of difficulty, making the player more attracted to the game.

The story tells about the great war between the two sides. Heroic birds and cunning pigs. The pigs have kidnapped the birds’ comrades. When discovered, the birds determined to go rescue their brother. From here on, the battles took place. Will the birds finally fulfill the task of bringing their teammates home safely?

Angry Birds Friends mod

Download Angry Birds Friends mod – Brave warriors

Angry Birds Friends is part of the Angry Birds game series. Released from 2013 up to now, this game has caused a great reputation in the community of players. With over 50 million downloads in just the past few years, Angry Birds Friends can be considered a hit game for everyone.
Angry Birds is a game suitable for all ages. Highly entertaining with lots of funny sounds and expressions. The simple gameplay is easy to understand, making it not difficult for players to complete the set tasks. Come to Angry Birds Friends today to become a brave warrior!

Angry Birds Friends mod download

Brave birds

Angry Birds Friends game consists of 2 main characters that are birds and pigs. The colorful birds are assigned to rescue their teammates. And the pigs with an ugly face prevented the bird’s rescue. Especially when the player lost to the pigs and laughed with a happy face.

How to play Angry Birds Friends

The birds were locked in iron cages by pigs. Fighting and screaming are not good. If no one comes to save the birds, what will the birds do? At this time, the army to rescue the birds appeared. The squad is equipped with weapons to make it easier to rescue the birds.
Players have to go through many levels with levels from easy to difficult. The keys are gradually opened and the birds will be saved. To rescue the birds you just need to touch the screen to pull up the bow and aim at the right target. When the target is correct, the right coordinates of the target, the player releases his hand to shoot. The pigs were all shot dead, now you have won to go to the next level in the game.

Angry Birds Friends mod apk


  • Join Angry Birds Friends you are equipped with additional weapons to save the birds quickly and easily.
  • Power potion: increase power, attack solid walls.
  • Slingscope: using this item you will be drawn with arrows indicating the target. Help players aim the opponent more accurately.
  • Kingsling: the rocks, the wall is too high for birds to reach the pigs. Think about this help now. Using Kingsling the slingshot will grow taller so that the birds can shoot to the swine.
  • With the help of the attached equipment, the player who has completed a level will be awarded a bonus. The higher the bonus, the quicker the chance to buy more equipment or buy the player a new gun. Especially when playing Angry Birds Friends every day you will be spinning the lucky spin once a day to get more money, weapons …

Features in Angry Birds Friends

  • Full-screen game mode helps players to accurately observe the target.
  • Connect with Facebook with many features such as save games, share gifts, and especially have game modes with friends. Affirmed the talent of gamers with his friends.
  • When you have used up the weapons and you still cannot defeat the hateful pigs, now you can buy more weapons by recharging.

Angry Birds Friends mod android

The birds of all kinds of colors: Chuck dazzling yellow, cold black Bomd gives players an interesting and eye-catching feeling when playing. Diverse sounds with clear birds singing, pigs chirping when losing. Angry Birds Friends is a 3D action genre with vivid sounds, eye-catching and cute images that make players unable to take their eyes off. If you like lightness but like adventure, then Angry Birds Friends will be a great choice for you. Do not hesitate any longer, please hold your phone and download the Angry Birds Friends mod to compare your skills with your friends !!!

How to Download & Install Angry Birds Friends MOD APK (Unlimited Booster) for Android


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