Angry Bangers MOD APK (Unlocked Video) 1.0.137

Updated 06/09/2022 (1 year ago)
NameAngry Bangers APK
PublisherGethins Limited
MOD FeaturesUnlocked Video
SupportAndroid 4.4+

Introduce Angry Bangers MOD APK

What do the crime bosses in Angry Bangers have that appeals to us so much? If you want to know, you only have to join this chaotic dark world. A war of power ensues between criminals and ambitious leaders. Prove yourself through ruthless revenge. Make anyone who has violated your interests will pay a heavy price. Even if you have lost everything, no one is allowed to stand in your way. It is the determination and desires to get what you want.

Angry Bangers always creates a highlight for themselves by bringing a role-playing style and a bit of strategy. What makes players like the most is a Cyberpunk-themed setting. Everywhere is the color of the future with the most advanced technology. Dark stories revolve around the main character with specific influences. Each fight is a news sensation along with a vibrant and engaging soundtrack. Satisfy the dreams of many influential players that they can achieve. That makes life full of new joys.

Angry Bangers mod

Download Angry Bangers mod – Take back everything that once belonged to you

Adam is a notorious crime leader whose missions brought him great fame. But all was ruined when the greedy mayor betrayed him. Adam is now left with nothing but his empty hands. However, with your help, he will quickly regain what was lost. Collect new allies and fight with them on massive battlefields. Destroy enemy bases to restore your control. Make the evil mayor live in fear as death approaches him. Discover new abilities and use them to upgrade your powers.

Five character classes

Angry Bangers is a world where the most dangerous criminals exist and rule. You can find yourself suitable allies to cooperate with. They will be divided into five character classes corresponding to the five types of guns used. This list includes shotguns, sniper rifles, melee, and machine guns. Depending on your personal preferences, you can favor your favorite weapon. Note that you should prioritize characters with higher power stats for you. They will fight on your behalf to win and bring back valuable loot. Sometimes the enemy’s head will be only a matter of time before they take action.

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Powerful equipment

It is indispensable for your character to fight more optimally to have the necessary equipment. This equipment can be used to enhance the character’s stats. For example, you can find new guns of the same type so that your character can use them more effectively. Not only that, but they can also use grenades and items that bring good luck. For example, the commander badge can add valuable combat stats. Don’t forget the much-needed healing things. It can help the character regenerate health after taking damage. Don’t let anyone die on the battlefield with all your efforts.

Angry Bangers mod apk

Unlock new characters

The mechanics of unlocking characters in Angry Bangers will differ from the games you’ve known. Specifically, only when the player has all five unique equipment, the nature of the same profession will be unlocked. Just like that, you will be able to get more characters just by looking for equipment. New equipment can be found in loot boxes obtained. To get it, you will have to participate in even higher levels. Of course, the new characters will be much better than the old ones. With them are unique abilities that create a lot of advantages in battles. See what wise allies you can find.

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Various rewards

Players will not need to worry too much about collecting resources when playing Angry Bangers. The game’s reward mechanism will be vibrant if you work hard, from money and gold to the materials needed to upgrade team members. You can take advantage of the daily login to stock up on resources. Join the developer’s free and random activities. Completing the daily tasks set out on the list is also a good option. Any action you take will create many benefits to be able to bring development in Angry Bangers mod.

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