AngelKnights MOD APK (Menu, God mode/Damage/Speed Multiplier) 2.21.92

Updated 25/11/2023 (3 months ago)
NameAngelKnights APK
PublisherSPRING Games
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesMenu, God mode/Damage/Speed Multiplier
SupportAndroid 6.0+
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Introduce MOD APK AngelKnights

AngelKnights is a role-playing game that calls for the rise of a powerful Zen warrior. And that person is none other than you – who will save the world from this chaotic era. Appears mysteriously in the form of a shadow with Princess Lea. Gather powerful warriors to support you. Add in important positions you are missing, such as archer, warrior and witch. Form a three-man squad that is closely linked and difficult to destroy this combination. Interesting experience when each person carries a different skill. But the same responsibility to save the world from chaos.

A constantly changing battlefield with the chaotic appearance of monsters. After each wave of monsters, another wave of monsters attacks you. The player continuously moves forward to destroy the entire block of the monster team in front of him. In particular, if the battle has no rewards, then there will be nothing interesting here. Therefore, every time a monster falls, it will transform into colorful gems and money. They are collected into the character’s brown backpack for later use. The bigger and stronger the monster, the more precious the number and the variety of colors and shapes.

AngelKnights mod apk

Download AngelKnights mod – The trio of warriors, archers, and witches join forces to destroy monsters

Most players of the RPG genre are familiar with the operation of the game. Because of these games, the operation is relatively easy and flexible in control. The three characters continuously move towards the enemy until they meet them, they will automatically attack and attack. The player’s job is to continuously upgrade the power of the weapon. Make every hit terrify the enemy. The stream of power radiated from the three of them with a different color of energy. If the weapon’s attack power is not enough to destroy the enemy, then when they attack you, you can’t stand it. Upon death will have to restart the game from the killed area.

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Three characters

The player’s team defaults to three key characters who will enter the battle. Like I said, it’s warriors, witches, and archers. Warriors always take the lead and engage in close combat with monsters. Usually, the warrior carries a sword and a shield. Archers and witches go behind to support but no less important. Archers were, of course carrying an exquisite gilded bow. Each arrow fired hits the enemy’s critical point. The witch wields a powerful staff made of precious wood. Above is a sphere of power converging the essence of all things in the world.

AngelKnights apk

Various Weapons

The screen is divided into two parts, the bottom is the player’s operation area. The three areas of the three characters are lined up next to each other. In the character’s area, there is the choice to change weapons for each person. Here, each person’s weapon remains completely functional. The types differ only in appearance, color, and power each weapon carries. The higher its level, the flashier its appearance and the higher the number of stars, the more powerful its attacks will be each turn. The colorful and shiny blades exude sharpness. Or bows are made from many different materials, and the staff is no exception.

AngelKnights android

Monster team

The monster system has always been a very diverse thing in the games. AngelKnights offers hundreds of different levels; the monsters also change depending on the battle area. Their strength and durability increase with each victory the player turns. But that means the accompanying gifts are not small. The opening is just a full-bodied green forest monster with a bald head. Or mutant butchers, in human form but with two pointed fangs. Especially when facing a boss monster, there is a red warning text on the screen. Based on that, players mentally prepare to cope.

AngelKnights mod

In addition to weapons, the hero team’s outfit and appearance can also be changed. Entering the selection area is the time to use the gems the player has collected. In addition, they must increase the attack power of the weapons regularly. Even when the battle is going on,  players feel their people are not strong enough. Or, at that time, just collect enough gold coins, and the player can increase the power. Download the AngelKnights mod with a trio of combos fighting against the monsters that threaten the nation.

How to Download & Install AngelKnights MOD APK (Menu, God mode/Damage/Speed Multiplier) for Android


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