Blue Archive MOD APK (Menu, God mode/Damage/defense multipliers) 1.57.241922

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NameBlue Archive APK
PublisherNEXON Company
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesMenu, God mode/Damage/defense multipliers
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Blue Archive

What could be better than living in a fantasy world you love one day? If you want, Blue Archive is a pretty good choice for you to fulfil that dream. Explore an academy that trains investigators that are exceptional in their teaching methods. Side by side with beautiful girls to fight and pass the tests. Graduate and become the top excellent individuals of the academy. You will find many things beyond your limits.

A game designed in an anime style is the hobby of many different players. It’s not because it has outstanding visuals or requires top-notch skills. The stories combined with the new battles are what will be able to attract you. The details of Blue Archive are made in a standard way, like an anime movie. Takes you into a new world with life-changing journeys. Goodbye to all those boring times.

Blue Archive mod

Download Blue Archive mod – Enjoy the experience like never before

Thanks to your natural talent, you have been appointed as an advisor to the federal investigative club. It is located in a large city where many academies are located. Here you will meet many talented and influential students. They were all beautiful girls with a higher high fighting mindset. Form your battle team to complete quests from the story. During the battle, the characters will automatically attack the enemy and move. You can choose a target so that the characters can prioritize attacks. In addition, when you have stored enough energy, you will be able to use the ultimate move.

Blue Archive mod free

Student list

In the list that you keep, there will be many different names to pay attention to. All the characters that you already own are fully present in this. Based on the number of stars of each person, you can classify their power rank. The 3-star characters will be the ones with the most powerful potential. The characters are also divided into two categories: strikers and precisely according to their abilities. You can upgrade these characters to increase their stats. Unlock their mysterious skills by meeting the required conditions. Every student has an engaging, discoverable style.

Diverse game modes

Blue Archive is divided into diverse game modes for you to explore freely. These game modes will include the story, missions, bonuses, total attacks and tactical challenges. Each game mode has its characteristics to create difficulty for you. For example, you will gradually go through the battles to discover new developments with the story mode. The bonus mode will help you to earn a lot of money. Total Attack allows you to mobilize the full power of your force. Tactical challenges will push your thinking limit up to be able to overcome the gates. Try them all and improve your playing skills every day.

Blue Archive mod apk

Fun activities

In addition to the battles, you can also take time to relax for yourself. Coffee is a way to get to know and create relationships with friends. At this time you can chat with any girl you want. Find out their private secrets, hobbies or goals. It is pretty valuable for quests that involve specific characters. Allows you to gain certain emotional advantages. Raise the friendship stat as well as get the necessary materials. Don’t think these activities are unnecessary, and you will find more exciting things.

Blue Archive mod android

Join the club

Clubs are a bridge for people to come closer together and share experiences. You can join or create your club. There will be features such as exchanging items, performing particular tasks or chatting with each other. Here you will have the opportunity to get to know more players. I learned things I never knew from longtime players. Grow together and help in the daily play. The benefits when you decide to join the club are many. Expand your horizons with new things. Thereby providing yourself with the necessary knowledge.

Blue Archive mod will bring you a great entertainment environment, and everything thing is excellent and suitable for what you are looking for.

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