American Farming MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 1.5.22

Updated 06/04/2024 (1 week ago)
NameAmerican Farming APK
PublisherSquadBuilt Inc
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
SupportAndroid 9+
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Introduce MOD APK American Farming

American Farming MOD APK challenges you in operating and managing your farm. You will get everything you want in a world where farms are open. And you will own one of those farms and start your journey of discovery. These are farm care activities such as growing food and raising animals. All will help you have interesting and exciting experiences to explore. So you will also have a deeper insight into the activities you will participate in. Get ready to run your farm with diverse and exciting activities.

Your job when running the farm is to make sure everything goes well. This is where you can produce food and agricultural products to serve everyone. Therefore, they must take place simultaneously under your talented management and care. First, get acquainted with the work on the farm, from farming to exploitation. Each activity will have its type of vehicle for you to use and upgrade your performance. However, to become a farmer, you must hone your farming skills through stages. Start farm care activities and show that you are a hard-working farmer.

American Farming mod

Download American Farming MOD APK – Explore and experience activities on an American-style farm

You will have vivid experiences with activities on a farm. And they’re all American style so you’ll have an unforgettable time. Furthermore, famous activities and brands are simulated as realistically as in real life. So you can travel around your farm and discover all the activities in the areas. But it would be best to have a specific plan to start the farm and grow it large. That will also help you get the most complete experience on your farm. Become a true farmer and explore vast farm management tasks.

American Farming apk

Production equipment

A large farm needs to own equipment to make production and harvesting happen easily. And on your farm, you will find more than 75 types of vehicles and various tools. They can be powerful tractors that help you mine and collect wood. A cultivator is a necessary tool for you to prepare for growing plants. When it’s harvest time, use a grain cart to make the process go faster. They all have functions, and you should learn about them while using them. Exploit the potential of farm equipment in activities in American Farming MOD APK.

American Farming mod apk

Grow all kinds of agricultural products

You are already a farmer; start farming when running the farm. With a large farm area, you can divide it into different specialized growing areas. After using the tiller to cultivate the soil, you can plant corn, soybeans or rice. But you must perform care activities such as fertilizing to promote growth. Many fertilizers, such as phosphorus, nitrogen, or potassium, are available in different forms for you to use on plants. Finally, when harvesting them, dry the nuts in the areas you build. Learn about growing and harvesting agricultural products and turning them into food on your farm.

American Farming android

Raise animals

A farm cannot lack animals because they will make the place bustling. And in addition to farming, you can choose to raise different livestock species in your area. You will start by buying baby cows and raising them until they mature into cows that can be milked. But only cows can produce milk, and you must monitor their health closely. Or you can raise animals such as sheep or pigs for fur and meat. In addition, their manure is very good for plants, and you need to take advantage of everything when raising animals. Raise animals to create better products and gain more profits.

American Farming free

You will take on the challenge of running a large farm with many activities. Here, you can become a farmer and participate in the production process. First, you will learn how to grow agricultural products and use fertilizers to grow them. One of the best plant fertilizers comes from the manure of the animals you raise. So when combining these two forms, you will have a farm with great development potential. However, it would be best to familiarise ourselves with activities from using equipment to production. Download American Farming MOD APK to show off your farm management talent in different activities.

How to Download & Install American Farming MOD APK (Unlimited Money) for Android


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