All Backup & Restore MOD APK (Unlocked Pro) 5.7.22

Updated 27/03/2024 (3 weeks ago)
NameAll Backup & Restore APK
MOD FeaturesUnlocked Pro
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Introduce MOD APK All Backup & Restore

Resetting the phone’s activity is something everyone has done at least once. If you’ve ever reset your smartphone, you’ve certainly had data problems. You don’t even know some data loss for a reason. That’s why we have to back them all up to an SD card or some other tool. All Backup & Restore is one such tool. It would be hard to miss All Backup & Restore in the process. But it is an application and works on the smartphone screen. You won’t need any SD cards to store your data anymore.

The operation of All Backup & Restore is to back up all smartphone data into this application. Then you can safely reset the entire process of the smartphone. Make sure after reset, and there is a much more open and spacious memory. Although the smartphone does not add memory, it only deletes unimportant data. If something important to you is deleted, it won’t be good. Make sure the backup doesn’t lose any essential data. Rest assured because All Backup & Restore will control everything so you can organize your data to the fullest.

All Backup Restore mod

Download All Backup & Restore mod – Restore all backed up data

Using All Backup & Restore is not complicated as you just have to select the folders you want to back up. It is even more convenient to delete unnecessary folders on this application. Then start the backup process, so all is archived again. Now proceed to reset your smartphone. Remove most unnecessary junk files to make your device’s memoryless cramped. If you want to restore and use the same smartphone again, that is. If you intend to factory reset your smartphone or use a new one, it is safer to use an SD card.

All Backup & Restore’s services cannot support you in backing up photos and videos. So that means when we reset the smartphone, all the images and videos will be deleted. If so, it’s not fun, is it? You also want to keep your memories in it. Rest assured because there are now many tools to store photos and videos with an account. As long as the account is active, all will be kept. Trust and use them to make your smartphone airier.

All Backup Restore mod apk

Backup multiple types of data

Basic things like call logs, messages, notes, and downloaded apps. All are fully backed up. Of course, you also have the right to recheck them before resetting the smartphone. All will be in the interface of All Backup & Restore, and each data type will be classified into different folders. Click on a folder to display all the data being backed up. If you find something you don’t need, you can select it and delete it immediately. Data recovery is only for the apps and folders you backed up. If you delete something before downloading All Backup & Restore, it will not restore.

All Backup Restore mod apk free

Set an automatic backup schedule

Are you someone who wants to reset smartphone activity periodically? That is entirely understandable as it helps to ensure the smoothness of the device. To avoid the hassle of backing up again, schedule a backup on All Backup & Restore. You can choose from a fully valid daily or weekly backup. Whenever the deadline is reached, all data will be automatically backed up. All you need to do is press and reset your smartphone. Transfer data to Google Drive, DropBox the easiest way. Then rest assured and reset everything before returning them to their original place. If you feel unsafe, cloud storage applications are always with you.

All Backup Restore mod free

Backup history

This will help you know for sure what you backed up in the last backup. It does not retain the data directly but just a list of the data names. That way, you’ll know what you’ve backed up. Following backups, choose what you want to keep and delete based on that list. Sometimes delete a few more things that are not needed after a long time of not being used. Indeed when you do this, you will not lose any more data.

All Backup Restore free

Backing up and resetting your smartphone is a good practice to ensure the operation of your device. Reset offers a smoother and more responsive operation, but it also carries certain risks. If not carefully controlled, it is easy to lose important data when backing up and reset. All Backup & Restore mod is your great assistant to prevent that from happening.

How to Download & Install All Backup & Restore MOD APK (Unlocked Pro) for Android


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