Alien Food Invasion MOD APK 1.2.9 (Unlimited money)

Updated on 10/01/2023 (2 weeks ago)
NameAlien Food Invasion APK
PublisherFun Flavor Games
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 6.0+
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It is wrong to say that Alien Food Invasion is as easy a place to invade as imagined. It is a place where ordinary people live. They will hunt down those who dare trespass on their territory. Treat them as food and a never-ending party. Hunting for these walking dishes will also not be easy. Hunt with modern weapons that you can find. The meals always have to be traded with strength. You can’t let them run away with the quality. Set up a refined and unbreakable front line.

Aliens taking over the planet is not a strange situation. The theme that Alien Food Invasion gives you is the exact opposite. This invasion is a self-destruct phase for the aliens. They had landed in the wrong grave of their race. They do not know that his species will become strange dishes. A battle that gives you the power to control the situation. Hunt until no one appears. They will no longer dare to advance towards their goal. This trap is excellent for stimulating your fighting ability.

Alien Food Invasion mod

Download Alien Food Invasion mod – Hunting aliens and cooking

The aliens, after planning, have come to earth. They landed at the house of the mad science doctor and his associates. I thought I could quickly destroy these weak people, but I didn’t. The doctor and his teammates promptly killed them. Thanks to that, they had an abundant food source for their party. You will control the doctor and the combat members around the area. If you encounter a monster, destroy that monster. No compromise with food moves. Use guns and aim properly to make them die faster. You can generate random critical hits.

Item Harvest

Every dead monster drops valuable items from their corpse. These items are all things that benefit you. The most will be the percentage of the bonus you get for a network of them. Then there are the ingredients needed to make the dish. The elements need to be obtained enough to be able to cook. There are also energy tablets that give a temporary boost to strength. Win quickly with these lucky advantages. Through each level, the number of items earned increases with difficulty. That’s why we can set bigger goals. Develop combat prowess and techniques to match the difficulty levels created.

Alien Food Invasion mod apk

Good cook

Ordinary food is just something for everyday people to eat. Warriors must enjoy the fruits of their enemies. It is to use their meat for nutritious meals. Products made from aliens will be pretty delicious. More specifically, they also have twice as much nutrition as regular meat. These dishes are cooked according to a secret lab recipe. Making sandwiches, BBQ, pizza, french fries,… More specifically, these dishes also help you increase your character’s strength. Just supply enough food so they can level up. The stronger you are, the more dangerous monsters you can fight.

Alien Food Invasion mod free

There are more than 45 different weapons that the characters can use. The high-tech future inspires each weapon. They were made from the mad mind of the doctor. These are also partly obtained from the aliens. With each weapon, our way of moving must be different. Due to its most significant influence and effect, fighting is for it. You are stronger than all those dangerous invaders. Your home yard will be Alien Food Invasion mod with hundreds of things to help you.

Download Alien Food Invasion MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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