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Updated 10/04/2024 (2 months ago)
Name9 Months APK
PublisherGreen Panda Games
MOD FeaturesUnlimited diamonds, no ads
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Introduce MOD APK 9 Months

All of us must go through the process of lying in the womb before we are born. Have you ever wondered how that process works? 9 Months is a game that helps you understand from the time the embryo is formed until the baby is born. You will probably think that you are sure of this through the biology exercises in class. But not so, 9 Months was developed to let players know through a quality visual system. You can clearly see every angle of a baby in the womb. This helps in the future to help players have a more effective childcare regime. Be with the child right in the beginning of pregnancy.

When playing the game you may be surprised because 9 Months simulates quite honestly. The player will see a baby from the beginning of the development of body parts such as legs, arms, eyes … Sometimes it makes you a little scared. But that is the stage that everyone has been through. Surely you are no exception. In addition, GameDVA also has other life simulation games. Players need to complete the survival challenge in Survival on Raft: Multiplayer. Or if you like a company with pretty girls, give try Booty Calls.

9 Months mod

Download 9 Months mod – You are born again

Scientific factors are something you can completely count on in this game. See firsthand how a baby develops over the course of 9 months. Each stage they have their own change. If you want to know what it looks like in detail, 9 Months helps you to experience that. It’s no different from being born again. Everyone has gone through this process before, but none of us can remember. Even childhood memories as a child are the same. Based on researched and validated knowledge, 9 Months gives players a better understanding of the process when we are in the womb.

Improve knowledge

Not everyone can absorb lessons in school comprehensively. In fact, it is quite boring because of the lengthy theoretical passages. 9 Months understands that and replaces content conveyed through visualization. You can do well on tests in class without reading if you get good results in 9 Months. The developer has built the game based on reality, meaning you learn differently. Currently, 9 Months has hundreds of thousands of positive reviews. It is noteworthy that the age of players is still sitting on the school chair. That is a good sign for young people to be able to absorb knowledge better.

9 Months mod apk

Boy or girl?

After a relatively long wait, do you want a male or female character to be gender? Personally, I like it to happen most naturally. Because after all, it’s all your children and deserves to be appreciated. Think about changing diapers and caring for your baby after birth. It is a difficult time for any parent. At the stage of not forming consciousness, it is normal.


9 Months did a great job with the visuals with the most realistic game mode. Players will admire the whole process of how a child develops. See firsthand all stages of pregnancy development. To talk more about the level of perfection of 9 Months, I can say the following case. A few players gave ratings to talk about their surprise at the game. You can find and read it on Google Play.

9 Months mod download

9 Months help players gain new insights throughout fetal development. To learn more and understand your own past, please complete the challenges here. Download 9 Months mod to join the game mode and discover about each of us growing up.

How to Download & Install 9 Months MOD APK (Unlimited diamonds, no ads) for Android


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