Zombie Hill Racing MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited money) 2.3.2

Updated 27/04/2023 (10 months ago)
NameZombie Hill Racing APK
PublisherINLOGIC ARCADE - zombie racing shooter
MOD FeaturesMenu/Unlimited money
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Introduce MOD APK Zombie Hill Racing

Perhaps simple car races have made you feel repetitive and tedious. Come to Zombie Hill Racing to try a strangely inviting experience. The races are not with ordinary obstacles but bloodthirsty zombies. They will always try to take your life, so you have to turn to your natural instincts. Use all your strength to fight and survive this great tribulation. The same car, but in normal racing and racing with zombies will definitely bring more excitement. Your survival will be decided by yourself, join now to try your best.


A car equipped with many accessories will certainly attract others’ eyes. But what about a vehicle equipped with weapons to fight zombies? Surely you cannot imagine how hegemony it is. Driving a custom car up to the roof, with spikes and guns, bombs and bullets, will definitely be the coolest car. Combined with your top driving skills will be what makes mindless zombies gasp in amazement. With a little luck, perhaps you will open a new future for humanity.
Zombie Hill Racing mod

Download Zombie Hill Racing mod – Racing in the midst of the zombie apocalypse

One day, you wake up to find a zombie epidemic has spread throughout the surrounding area. You are the only survivor around this area, so you have to save yourself. In the confusion of what to do, you hear the radio talk about the meeting point for the remaining survivors. With a shabby car and some leftover fuel, will you make it to the army and live on? Find out a little bit about your arduous journey.
Zombie Hill Racing mod free

Build your own powerful car

In a world full of zombies, a lamboghini certainly can’t be as useful as a fully armed pickup, right?. But don’t think because the game is not that simple. Start with a shabby, ugly, and simple car you can get in the dump. You will earn money and upgrade it to become a tank full of necessary accessories. From spikes, guns, wheel upgrades and the necessary elements to complete the journey are provided. They play a major role in determining whether you can do the task or not.
Zombie Hill Racing mod apk

Each time you upgrade the car, it will become stronger and can go a little further. Accumulate small to large, gradually the distance will increase and you will meet a supply point. But the journey is still very long when you have to accumulate and upgrade little by little. Focusing on upgrading the fuel will help your running become more durable. Or wheels will help you use less energy and speed up a little more. But the most special are the powerful weapons that will repel the zombies and pave the way for you. Combine them optimally for best performance.

Various environments to explore

Each field continuously changes depending on the distance you have covered. They are uniquely designed and visually diverse to create a constant change for players. Each environment will have special terrains, requiring players to have flexible handling ability to overcome them. Remember to upgrade your car to suit the environment, so the process of rescuing yourself will not be too difficult anymore.
Zombie Hill Racing apk free

Zombies stand in your way

During this pandemic, it is extremely difficult to find someone who has not been infected like you. Surrounded by zombies are always waiting and killing you at any time. Don’t worry too much because with your huge arsenal, they will have to give up. But because of the overwhelming number, they will always find a way to prevent you from being saved. Trying to avoid them as much as possible will be the best option. But when there are no alternative paths, you just have to run straight into them.
Zombie Hill Racing android

In addition, the zombies are also diverse in types and abilities. Small ones won’t be too big of an issue with your car. But as you go on, the bigger ones can get in your way if you don’t have a weapon to take them down. The most special are the mutants with silver bodies, they will be the terror of anyone participating in this game.

Zombie Hill Racing mod is a game that requires players to combine driving and survival skills. At the same time, the ability to consider finance and upgrade your car. The experience of driving in the midst of a horde of zombies must be extremely stimulating. Don’t wait, join yourself right here.

How to Download & Install Zombie Hill Racing MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited money) for Android


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