World War 2: Battle Combat MOD APK v3.12 (Menu/Hack Speed, ESP, No Recoil)

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NameWorld War 2: Battle Combat
PublisherEdkon Games GmbH
MOD FeaturesMenu/Hack Speed, ESP, No Recoil
SupportAndroid 4.4+
Get it onGoogle Play
MOD Infomation

[ Player Menu ]

  • -> No Recoil
  • -> No Spread
  • -> No Stun
  • -> Red Dot Enabled
  • -> Bunny Hop
  • -> Fast Knife Stab
  • -> Dumb Bots (Enable Before Game)

[ Movement Menu ]

  • -> Jump Multiply
  • -> Speed Multiply

[ ESP Menu (For Each Team)]

  • -> ESP Lines
  • -> ESP Boxes
  • -> ESP Names
  • -> ESP Distance
  • -> ESP Health (Green) / Armor (Grey)

No one can describe the brutality that the world war has caused. You will also experience this brutality when fighting in World War 2: Battle Combat. Grab your weapons and head straight to the battlefield with bullets and bombs everywhere. Use accurate shots to make the enemy in front of you fall. Fight for the glory of your chosen country to win. Will you make history and change destiny yourself?

Based on what history records, World War 2: Battle Combat realistically depicts a brutal war. Bringing the FPS shooter genre to a more diverse perspective than ever before. Legendary battles are recreated with factions like fascists and allies. Put soldiers on the path of life and death. Only skill, understanding, and courage can save you. Survival is the top priority so you can return intact.

World War 2 Battle Combat mod

Download World War 2: Battle Combat mod – Survive on the cruel battlefield

As a soldier serving in the army, your potential is not tiny at all. Start finding yourself an army in factions to fight with all you have. Your mission on the battlefield is simple, and aim and shoot continuously. Do everything to destroy the enemy, and you will be able to move on quickly. Should aim for the head because that is the weakest point and easily take a lot of damage. Coordinating with teammates will be the best way to increase the win rate. After the required number of kills is reached, the victory will belong to your side. Play a lot to get more valuable experience.

World War 2 Battle Combat mod free

Battle zones

When you go to battle, you have the opportunity to set foot in different battle locations randomly arranged. From bomb shelters, large tracts of land, residential areas, deserted islands, or landing on beaches. Each place requires you to have different fighting ways to complete the task well. Enemies in each location are also arranged with a reasonably dense density, and you need to pay attention to not fall directly into their trap. Your teammates will also support you enthusiastically, so don’t worry about anything. Cleverly so as not to receive too much damage from the enemy’s bullets. Master every terrain to become invincible on the battlefield.

Massive arsenal

Weapons are every soldier’s best friend in the war they take part in. Without a weapon, it was no different from finding a painful death out there. You can choose whatever you want in the provided arsenal, from legendary guns like Thompson, LMG, M1918, MG34 to StG44. Each weapon gives you a different fighting method, from light to heavy. It takes some getting used to being able to control these in the best way. If used effectively, you will quickly bring advantages to your team. Slaughter your enemies and watch them slowly fall before the muzzle of your gun.

World War 2 Battle Combat mod apk

Many featured characters

Who do you want to be in this deadly war? You will choose between the Soviet Union, Germany, America, Korea, or Japan. Each section has several characters representing the ideals they fight for. The costumes they wear are also specific things that we often see in the movies. What could be more exciting than playing the role of a soldier participating in classic battles? Witness the rivalry of factions against each other to decide the outcome of the war. But whoever you are, shooting skills will still be necessary. Help you overwhelm your opponent and increase your win rate.

World War 2 Battle Combat mod android

Online fighting

You are not fighting alone on this merciless battlefield. There are many other players just like you who are fighting day and night for the nation’s honor. Come to PvP mode, where you can become their ally or enemy. Form two factions on a random map to start the carnage. The side with the most kills will win. Here, the player’s skills will be brought to the ultimate limit. Do all you can, ask for support to get more advantages. Your combat level will be significantly enhanced when participating in these challenges.

World War 2: Battle Combat mod will be for those who love and want to experience the brutality of war. Willing to fight for the benefit that his country can get.

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