World of the Abyss MOD APK (Menu/No skill CD) 2.143

Updated 20/11/2023 (2 weeks ago)
NameWorld of the Abyss APK
PublisherMad Molly Co.
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesMenu/No skill CD
SupportAndroid 5.1+
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Introduce MOD APK World of the Abyss

World of the Abyss is a role-playing game that takes you into the fantasy world of outer space. The place is filled with mysterious creatures, bosses, and mysterious locations. When your warrior enters an unequal battle and needs the help of his teammates. The World is covered with the magic power of darkness. The dark lord’s power manifests itself in black smoke over your area. That’s why the appearance of an accurate magic system is needed. That is the absolute power that your character possesses. As long as you try your best and can take advantage of the power of true magic, victory is not far away.

Rewrite a new history for the kingdom by bringing the kingdom out of danger. Black smoke, mutant creatures or bosses need to be destroyed. To do this requires strength and financial stability. There are many places where gold and silver are buried in large quantities. In addition to slaying the rampant monsters, finding treasure is equally essential. It can decide whether you win the war or not. Because in addition to money and gems, this place also contains many weapons. And equipment cards and countless new skill cards aid players in battle.

World of the Abyss android

Download World of the Abyss mod – Warrior’s fight against mutant creatures.

If you have ever played shooting role-playing games, players may be familiar with World of the Abyss manipulation. With virtual keys divided equally in the two lower corners of the screen. Players control all actions of the character through these virtual keys. The left-hand corner is still a circular virtual key that contains the character’s movement. The other side is the position for other attack and skill combos. The player can always encounter monsters on the way to search for treasure. That’s why the game doesn’t just require a logical strategy. It also needs players to be ready at all times to avoid surprises.

World of the Abyss apk

PvP mode

Instead of story-based or level-based battle modes like other role-playing games. World of the Abyss brings PvP combat mode. The real-time battle mode is always a bit thrilling when you are confronted with evil monsters. There’s even a “Lock” mode, and you only see yourself moving around here. Then you will no longer see the same players searching for the same treasure as you. But then, if you encounter monsters beyond your ability. Players may have difficulty fighting it. And if you lose, the player’s level and rank will decrease on the leaderboard.

World of the Abyss mod apk

Create your character.

You will create your character from skills to personality and appearance. The choice of power system for your character, choose each weapon a unique skill system. Equip a variety of costumes that you want, from armour, hats, and shoes, … In addition, players create a separate skill trees of the character they own. After collecting skill cards through battle, a power tree appears. Players will choose to place the power systems in each square they want. Then they may or may not be combined. Powers close together can form a combo with decisive combat.

World of the Abyss mod

Fight the boss

Boss bosses are always something that heroes hunt for. Because they can bring a treasure trove of experience and huge rewards. Coming to World of the Abyss is similar to when the team of boss bosses can surprise you. The war dragon imprisoned in the cold river woke up after a long time. It was extremely bloody and destroyed everything that appeared in front of them. Or the dark snake when it spits out a green poison that significantly reduces the player’s energy. Giant and powerful monsters have many rare cards, but the ability to defeat them is much lower.

The support skills are also different depending on your weapon type and power system. For example, if your power is of the fire type, the skills when fighting are red and orange. The player’s combat also emits flames that affect enemies. If it belongs to the ice system, it is usually blue or white. It can create a rain of sharp icicles or create lightning bolts. Download World of the Abyss mod to experience all the skills of many combat systems when facing a team of boss monsters.

How to Download & Install World of the Abyss MOD APK (Menu/No skill CD) for Android


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