World of Microbes MOD APK (Unlimited money/Unlocked) 0.2.101

Updated 23/01/2024 (1 month ago)
NameWorld of Microbes APK
PublisherCriss Cross Games
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money/Unlocked
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Introduce MOD APK World of Microbes

Have you ever wondered what the world of microbes looks like? You wonder about the shapes, sizes, and colours of those microorganisms. How do they survive and feed in the wild? All are clearly shown through the game World of Microbes. This is a game in the action simulation genre. The game is released by the producer Criss Cross Games. The game gives you the closest look at the life of extremely small microorganisms that normally have to use a microscope to observe. Specifically, in World of Microbes, it’s about bacteria. It is one of the microorganisms with the highest prevalence in the microbiological world.

World of Microbes’ image was sharp and vivid. Images of bacteria are depicted vividly on 3D graphics, making you unable to take your eyes off because of its authenticity. In this game, you will enter the virus world as a very simple bacterial cell. Your task is to find food and kill other bacteria. World of Microbes is very entertaining. The game gives players a sense of relaxation after stressful study and work hours. You can also indulge in your passion for creating a variety of bacteria.

World of Microbes mod

Download World of Microbes mod – Become undefeated bacteria

Entering the world of World of Microbes you must fight to become the most powerful bacteria. The game has the same mechanism as games like,,, … These games are inspired by the legendary game of snakes. So they all share the same rules. The rule is: one is you destroy the enemy, the other is you will be destroyed by the enemy. It is vital to feed and avoid collisions with other bacteria. So when participating in the game you must be flexible, skilful and alert. With simple gameplay, the attraction to each move of bacteria will make you unable to take your eyes off the game.

World of Microbes mod free

Gameplay is simple

The gameplay is quite simple. Beginning in the game you will get a weak little cell. The simple structure includes only eyes, mouth, rudder and needle. You start swimming in the ocean of bacteria in search of food. Your task is to eat a lot for the body to develop. Also, avoid larger bacteria. Be careful and skilful because at the moment you are still very small. Over a few levels, you will become stronger. Then you can begin to upgrade your bacteria to destroy other bacteria and eat food from their carcasses. These foods will help you grow faster and improve body parts.

World of Microbes mod android

Creation of unique bacteria

In World of Microbes, the player can create bacteria according to his or her imagination. The richer your imagination, the more uniquely created bacteria are. This helps players feel excited to play and satisfy their passion for creativity. Are you a lover of vibrant colours? You can change the colour of them according to your preference such as blue, red, purple, yellow, … You upgrade the body parts and attach to any position on your bacteria. You unlock many levels, you will get many parts of bacteria. So the way to create an undefeated bacterium becomes easier than ever.

World of Microbes mod download

Outstanding competencies

Each bacteria will have 3 outstanding abilities. These are the abilities: attack, move and survive. Actively search for and attack prey, participate in battles with other players to receive power points. The game will have 1 capacity map. In this diagram, the three main competencies are arranged equally in the middle. Each ability has other minor powers that form a huge web. You will perfect it by using the skill points. Actively eat food and destroy many other enemies to earn power points. Completing the ability map will help you become superior and undefeated bacteria.

World of Microbes mod apk

World of Microbes is an entertaining game. This game not only helps you relax after hours of stressful work but also stimulates your creativity. World of Microbes engages the player in fascinating battles between tiny bacteria. The game is suitable for all types of players, not limited to age. Unique species of bacteria waiting for you to craft and upgrade. Download the World of Microbes mod to explore the exciting microbial world. What is more, you can also fight bravely and become the king of this micro world.

How to Download & Install World of Microbes MOD APK (Unlimited money/Unlocked) for Android


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