Wild Hunter MOD APK (Menu, Free Gem/Gold Purchases) 0.5.7

Updated on 18/10/2022 (1 year ago)
NameWild Hunter APK
MOD FeaturesMenu, Free Gem/Gold Purchases
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Hunting for something is quite difficult for us in today’s modern life. But you can do it differently, and Wild Hunter is a pretty smart choice. Transform into talented hunters with the ability to use top-notch weapons. Ready to defeat any opponent who dares to threaten his life. Overcome dangers and gain valuable rewards for yourself. Pick up your gun and start fighting today.

Currently, the demand for finding entertainment games is exceptionally high from users. They require simplicity but no less attractive and graphics at a decent level. Although it seems impossible, Wild Hunter altogether has all those elements. Bringing you moments of beautiful fighting. The gameplay is simple and easy to manipulate for anyone to master, and personal skill will be the way for you to get the final victory.

Wild Hunter mod

Download Wild Hunter mod – Hunt all the targets you want

As a talented hunter, you will embark on the most extraordinary hunting trips. Control your character to move around the grassland and get close to the targets. Use the gun to aim accurately and shoot until your prey is defeated. They will appear more and more with increased speed, and you will have to combine dodging and continuous attack to survive. Keep shooting, and you will collect a lot of rewards that drop from the prey. Be careful not to let them have the opportunity to attack you, or it can lead to loss of life. Make them scared when they hear your name.

While fighting, you can strengthen your power by swiping up. The character will unleash the power and make the bullets more terrible. Easily kill multiple enemies at once and quickly wipe everything out. Use this skill properly so as not to lose your advantage.

Great arsenal

To be able to complete your hunting trips well, you need to have powerful enough weapons. These weapons are divided into a variety of different models for you to choose from. From pistols, pistols to powerful laser guns. Weapons with high rarity will deal more damage, and it will give you exciting possibilities to complete the levels quickly. Don’t forget to upgrade the weapons you are holding to make them stronger. Complete stories to get random weapon shards for you. From there, combine into weapons with consequential damage.

Wild Hunter mod apk

Skill selection

Before starting a new level, you will have three random skills provided. You can only choose one of these three with particular abilities. It can be increased attack range, increased damage, more support bullets, or increased HP. You can choose to combine the necessary skills when passing each level. Make them work together and form tremendous power that easily wipes everything away. There are many different combinations you can learn on your own that come from these skills. Level them up with your resources for maximum effectiveness in combat.

Base stats enhancement

The basic stats are directly related to the combat ability of the hero you control. To enter the more difficult levels, certain factors are required. You can use the money you’ve earned to upgrade the appropriate abilities. Strength, movement speed, HP, and even the ability to collect gold coins. Depending on the goals of each person can prioritize the skills they feel like. But it would help if you reached higher levels to unlock more new things. Help the character gain outstanding elements and be ready to take on more considerable challenges. Never ignore this because it is imperative.

Wild Hunter mod android

Various types of monsters

You will encounter many different types of monsters at a certain level. The deeper you go, the more exotic and unique the classes you will discover. The ability of each monster will also be able to get you into quite a lot of trouble. They can clone, shoot poison, spitfire or even bite you. Not only stopping there, there will be monsters that also possess far superior abilities. They are bosses, and you will have to face them on different levels. Your fighting skills in Wild Hunter mod will determine the outcome of the match.

Download Wild Hunter MOD APK (Menu, Free Gem/Gold Purchases) for Android

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