War Troops 1917 MOD APK (God mode) 1.40

Updated 17/09/2023 (1 week ago)
NameWar Troops 1917 APK
PublisherKoco Games Inc
MOD FeaturesGod mode
SupportAndroid 5.1+
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Introduce War Troops 1917 MOD APK

Return to the era of world war and become the decider of the war in War Troops 1917. The first war between mighty powers has happened and has come to an end. The winners have gained the ability to thrive against the losers. However, later generations cannot directly participate and witness this destructive war. And you are lucky to be allowed to return to the first world war and start fighting. Fierce battles will continue to happen, and you must keep your mind steady. Choose your forces and become the decisive factor in the outcome of the world war.

You have returned to the era of world war and must fight. And to start things off, you must choose the side to fight and create your force. Your goal is to attack the trenches your opponent begins to oppose actively. And the troops you control will be very diverse for you to witness the cruelty of war. They will be the frontline shock soldiers to pave the way for your army to attack. Each unit will take on a role in the battle, and you must create a reasonable strategy. The chance to witness the world war is only one, and try to win it.

War Troops 1917 android

Download War Troops 1917 mod – Join the war between soldiers

Your military career has begun since you found the opportunity to return to the war in the past. The moment you go back was when the world war broke out, and you needed to fight. The battles will be quick, and the one with the better strategy will win. The opponent’s unit is the target you need to focus on destroying if you don’t want to fail. Winning any enemy in the world war is not just your glory. It represents the victory of the faction that you have chosen to become an ally. Become an army commander and take down enemy soldiers.

War Troops 1917 apk

War in the past

The war between the nations of the world once again broke out with your participation. That war was over and left with consequences you can only hear from others. But now you are a talented commander with the most powerful soldiers. Your mission is to defend your country against invading forces from the enemy. They are evil armies and always want to re-determine the world’s order. So your task is not only to protect the country but also to repel the invaders. Your country has been caught up in the war, and the only solution is to win.

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Active attack

You are an army commander whose goal is to defend your homeland in war. But you still haven’t gotten used to the world war and must constantly defend. However, you must actively lead your forces to attack the enemy to show strength. The army of the enemy is always hiding in the trenches, and it will be difficult for you to shoot. But you have potent soldiers, and they will assist you in paving the way to battle. You joined the war not only because you witnessed its cruelty but also because of your homeland. Actively attack enemies and show the strength of the soldiers you lead.

War Troops 1917 mod apk

Core force

The war between nations is complicated, and you must have the most potent force. They were the core soldiers trained to fight in decisive battles. Any of them will be able to fight many enemy troops, and you must have faith. However, their fighting ability needs to be improved, and you need a strategy. Once your core force can combine, it will take down all opponents. The process of finding the right design for soldiers takes many battles. Train your core force and send them into the most decisive battles.

War Troops 1917 mod

The opportunity to witness the wars between the nations of the world has been given to you. Fierce battles between armies of soldiers always happen, and only one side wins. And your role in this world is to lead your army to defend against the enemy. They are the ones who started a world war with a plot to overthrow the established order. But you will not let their forces overwhelm the homeland you protect. You must also actively attack the opponent with the core force to win. Download War Troops 1917 mod to lead your army to defend the homeland from the war of destruction.

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