Video Live Wallpaper Maker MOD APK (Pro Unlocked) 3.13.4

Updated 01/02/2024 (1 month ago)
NameVideo Live Wallpaper Maker APK
MOD FeaturesPro Unlocked
SupportAndroid 4.1+
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Introduce MOD APK Video Live Wallpaper Maker

For those too bored with setting wallpapers with media photos, now, with the appearance of Video Live Wallpaper Maker, we will experience a whole new wallpaper style with unique videos. This is an excellent application capable of turning any video into live wallpaper on the user’s mobile device, making the device stand out and attracting all eyes from people around. Owning a live wallpaper generator in video format, Video Live Wallpaper Maker will give users a fresh and unique breeze in changing the look of their smartphones. Instead of using still images as before, users will now have a whole collection of moving wallpapers that are incredibly eye-catching.

Feel free to create and personalize your mobile phone so that anyone looking at it can imagine the user’s personality. Please don’t wait any longer; it’s time to express yourself; start designing your live wallpaper now.

Video Live Wallpaper Maker mod apk free

Download Video Live Wallpaper Maker mod – Make your smartphone stand out

Video Live Wallpaper Maker is an application that uses video to create animated wallpapers for mobile devices. Any topic and video genre can become the user’s wallpaper with just a few straightforward steps; the output video must always have the sharpest quality. With this application, users will have a wide choice of live wallpapers, from the video store available on the application and the device’s library to online video platforms; as long as the user wants, all are available. It can become the wallpaper for the device. Customizing the duration, sound, and effects of the video will be freely decided by the user; Video Live Wallpaper Maker will take care of the last step to ensure the video the user wants will fit the type of screen the user is using. Use when becoming wallpaper.

Video Live Wallpaper Maker mod apk

Compatible with all screen models

A vital highlight and factor that makes Video Live Wallpaper Maker so attractive to many users is its compatibility with all device screen types. From the small screen to the edge-to-edge screen, any size of this application can be met for users, ensuring that it can satisfy even the most demanding users in choosing wallpapers. There will be no need to perform complicated operations to adjust the video’s frame rate or resolution manually because Video Live Wallpaper Maker will automate this process and make every video fit the screen model of the mobile device the user is using. So the user’s task is to choose their favorite wallpaper video to create a new look for the phone; the rest this application will solve.

Video Live Wallpaper Maker mod android free

Create your video wallpaper

Users can also choose a video for their device’s wallpaper, whether from the video store that Video Live Wallpaper Maker provides or upload a new video from the mobile library. This application gives users a dynamic wallpaper maker with impressive speed, and very intuitive usage, allowing users to easily create new wallpaper videos that match their interests and share. Your work with friends so that they can admire the user’s talent. Users can create new live wallpapers by cutting unique scenes from catchy movies, eye-catching music videos, scenic videos, or favorite sports shows. There are no limits; as long as the video the user wants to set as wallpaper, Video Live Wallpaper Maker will fully support it.

Video Live Wallpaper Maker mod

Support many styles of live wallpapers

Parallax wallpapers, 3D wallpapers, 4D wallpapers, and 4K wallpapers are just a few of the familiar names of the types of wallpapers that Video Live Wallpaper Maker supports. Extremely rich and diverse, helping users always find vibrant, eye-catching backgrounds to change the look of their mobile devices. Besides, users will also have the right to decide whether the wallpaper video will have sound. If you want to experience the explosive feeling and greatness of the video, turning on the sound is a good choice. However, if the user is afraid of noise affecting the surrounding environment, it is possible to turn off the sound very quickly. Video Live Wallpaper Maker does not use too many resources or the device’s battery capacity thanks to the focus on design, so users can rest assured to use the application comfortably.

Video Live Wallpaper Maker mod android

Download Video Live Wallpaper Maker mod to turn your favorite, brilliant videos into phone wallpapers.

How to Download & Install Video Live Wallpaper Maker MOD APK (Pro Unlocked) for Android


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