Vector MOD APK (Unlimited money) 2.0.12

Updated 28/11/2023 (12 hours ago)
NameVector APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Vector

Vector is a dramatic action game that simulates Parkour’s ability to escape a pursuer. So have you ever learned about the sport of Parkour? This is a sport that originated from a number of techniques taught in the military. Players use skillful methods to overcome obstacles. Since it comes from the army, the movements of this game also reach a particular difficulty. Players need to practice hard until they become proficient to play this sport. But with only a set of clothes and a pair of sports shoes, Vector will transform you into a master of this subject.

An arcade-style game, Vector lets you play as a free runner and not get knocked down by the system. Happening in a world completely free and unrestricted by any spells. You need to use all your ninja skills. Use a combination of all skills of running, climbing, tunneling and avoiding obstacles. Graphics are modeled after shadow fights. The character is a black shadow, highlighting the vast, vast landscape behind the character. Although it is only 2D graphics, the movement of the character is still very flexible and flexible. The character’s activities are also very diverse and rich.

Vector mod

Download Vector mod – An office worker’s escape from the mound with masterful Parkour movements

The plot of Vector is also quite interesting if the player is interested. About an office worker at a mysterious company. Due to too much pressure from his boss. You have decided to escape from that prison office. Throw away all the papers, the cowboy suit. You break the window from the 30th floor and jump down. Wings free like birds free to spread their wings in the sky. Fortunately, you were an absolute Parkour master before. Because otherwise, jumping from the 30th floor to the ground is not an easy thing. Cross the eaves in the city quickly to cut the tail of the guard trying to grab you.

Vector mod apk

More than 40 challenging levels

Escaping the building’s guard was not an easy thing. Go through more than 40 levels, from easy to complex, through thousands of corridors and roofs. Vector wants players to have excellent skills. Mastering the operations, players can overcome the difficulty of these challenges. To control the character, the operations are also elementary. Swipe up to jump, swipe up twice to perform double jumps. Swipe down to slide over the obstacles above. If you encounter accelerated roads, swipe right to increase the running speed of the character. Building guards can also increase speed in this area.

Vector apk

Unlock skills

Although in Vector you are a real Parkour player. But just starting, you are just a beginner athlete with basic skills. To increase the attraction, you can collect many gold coins and wealth. Use it to unlock new running skills within the scope of the game. Because they are special skills, the manipulations of these moves are also more difficult. But if it is possible to make these moves. Your running posture will be much more excellent and more flexible. Use combos in the right circumstances to not bump or jump too wide. These skills will make you more like a natural parkour athlete.

Vector android

Two different game modes

Vector offers two game modes for you to experience alternately. That is the story and the hunter. As you know, the chase is the story of an office worker and building security. Both are professional parkour team members. In the story mode, you will naturally play as an office worker being chased by the building security. He is always behind and can catch you at any time. The other mode you will play as a security guard. Your target is the name of the office worker running in front. If you catch them, give them an electric shock to get the net as quickly as possible.

Vector apk free

Regardless of the mode, you always need to have a spirit of being ready to run and jump tirelessly. Whether the outfit is heavy or cumbersome, the manipulations must be done gently. Whenever you hold your phone in your hand, you want to play Vector. Work hard and fight skillfully to get rid of the grumpy boss. Collect gold stars to unlock new levels. Even if you fail when the security guards catch you, don’t be discouraged and run again. Download Vector mod to escape the captivity and sanctity of the evil autonomous boss.

How to Download & Install Vector MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android


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