True Fishing MOD APK (Unlimited money, unlocked)

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NameTrue Fishing APK
PublisherAndromeda Coders
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money, unlocked
SupportAndroid 4.2+
Get it onGoogle Play
MOD Infomation
  • Unlocked all paid features of the full version of the game and premium accounts;
  • Buy something in the store with the in-game currency so it becomes infinite.

Fishing is a subject that requires patience and precision to be mastered, and True Fishing will tell you more about this. Providing the best and most realistic fishing rods and lures. You will need to rely on many different factors to catch a fish. This game can be considered a real fishing simulator. Use the knowledge you have learned about the condition of the fishing rod and the time of Fishing to estimate. When you catch a fish in True Fishing, you are very close to being able to fish in real life. Although it is still far away, at least you will understand what it is like to be a fisherman.

True Fishing is a fishing simulation game with many very realistic simulation elements. The knowledge in the game is from the fishing experts who confirm and advise. Therefore, players will have the most comprehensive view of this subject. Everyone knows that Fishing requires patience and quick reflexes. Without those two factors, it is almost impossible to fish. True Fishing will train you if you don’t have both of those skills. Take the time to learn and practice kickstart a successful and fun fishing session.

True Fishing mod

Download True Fishing mod – Fishing seriously and methodically

What do we need to be able to fish? It must be fishing rod, bait, fishing location and knowledge. It all boils down to the True Fishing tutorial. Since you are a new player, even if you already know, the game will introduce many essential elements of this fishing sport. The interface when Fishing is also straightforward. In the middle of the screen is the scene where you are Fishing which is very beautiful with lush nature. The fishing rod has three main functions: drop the line, pull the string, and pull the string. Must combine each skill smoothly to expect to catch fish. Below are different types of bait for you to use in many fishing trips.

To make everything match reality, real-life fish are added to True Fishing. That way, you don’t need to learn more about new fish that aren’t real. Each fish species has its characteristics and strengths. They will be described precisely where they usually appear for you to come and ask. If you think that all fish have the same fishing method, you are wrong. Depending on their size and characteristics in real life, they will struggle to keep you from Fishing. Then you have to apply particular skills to have any hope of catching them.

True Fishing mod apk

Quality fishing rods

Of course, to catch the biggest fish, you need a perfect fishing rod. However, let’s start with the most basic fishing rods. There will be nothing special besides being made of wood and having an iron pulley system. This is everyone starting fishing rod. We will learn how to use a fishing rod when fishing most systematically. Applying knowledge from traction, the length of the line is released to be able to pull the fish ashore. If your force is too light, the fish will break free of the hook and run away. And if the force is too strong, your fishing line will also break. Fishing a lot to earn more money and upgrade the quality of the fishing rod.

True Fishing mod apk free

Bait and tools

Comes with a good fishing rod is a delicious and attractive bait to attract fish. Mostly you will use worms as the cheapest bait. In the store, there will be more types of quality bait. They help reduce fish bite time and do not have to wait long. Replace it with a more durable fishing rod when your fishing rod breaks. Or if you want to replace the part to reduce fishing time. Hard fishing lines will hardly be broken, new hooks to hold the most bait. Fine pulley to pull the fishing line up smoothly and without difficulty. If we want to catch big fish, we have to accept the investment.

True Fishing mod free

Ideal fishing location

All fishing gear is complete. But there is another objective factor that also significantly affects Fishing. What I’m talking about here are fishing locations. Depending on the terrain and climate, there will be many types of fish in many specific locations. There are even species that only appear in a single location. Unlock a lot of such places and go there Fishing. Use all the knowledge and skills you have to take Fishing seriously. If you work hard and practice continuously, you will catch fish. Sometimes the fish are huge and incredibly rare. Pick up your fishing rod and go around Fishing.

True Fishing free

True Fishing has clearly shown that Fishing both in-game and in real life is complex and requires a lot of skill. However, that does not discourage true fishing enthusiasts. If you are one of such people, you know that the feeling of catching a big fish after a hard time is excellent. Download True Fishing mod for real and serious Fishing.

Download True Fishing MOD APK (Unlimited money, unlocked) for Android

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