Touch The Notch MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) 1.5.7

Updated 04/06/2024 (2 weeks ago)
NameTouch The Notch APK
MOD FeaturesPremium Unlocked
SupportAndroid 10.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Touch The Notch

Touch The Notch MOD APK helps us properly make the phone’s rear camera hole on the screen. This may seem absurd, but it is doable. As long as you have this application, all operations can be attached to that section. Turn that camera into a usable multi-function button. You do not have to change what is too fussy and complicated. There are more small operations in the use process that will also support many things. It also makes you less annoyed with the useless rear camera. It needs specific effects to match your ideas when changed and operated.

Maybe we use devices that need essential shortcuts. It will help our actions not to waste time and still be able to trigger. These shortcut buttons will sometimes get in the way of your phone screen. Even in the toolbar, they are challenging to use. The speed of use has not been optimized as we still want. But when it becomes a button on the screen, it is entirely different. This is what we should apply to our rear camera. Note that it can only be used on devices with punched screens. It will be more optimal for its intended use without redundant operations.

Touch The Notch mod free

Download Touch The Notch mod apk – Make screen moles useful.

With our device with a mole screen, let’s make it a little helpful. Open the Touch The Notch app and give it basic permissions first. The app then scans and uses the mole’s location on the phone. You can turn this black dot into a little quick action. For example, we are toggling the camera, flashlight, and some exciting applications. Of course, we can prioritize assigning it to the one we use the most. Function buttons always bring value to you in the long run. We can also assign more toggles to it. It makes it easy to turn off when not in use at all.

Basic Actions

Touch The Notch mod apk can be used with the actions you want. For example, we can assign it with the screenshot function button. So, whenever you need to capture something extraordinary, you won’t need to use keystrokes anymore. Just press on the mole to complete your operation. Turning it into a flashlight button is also a pretty cool idea. You can turn the flashlight on or off without using the notification bar. Or even make it the phone’s power button. It makes it easy to turn on and off the power as desired. Save seconds or even seconds in action.

Touch The Notch mod android

For vehicles

This application can also be used for manipulation when you are entertained. For example, we can stop or play the song as we like when listening to music. It can be used to play the next track without using the toggle. The more essential is to return to the previous audio track and enjoy. These function buttons are comparable to those built into the song application. If you often listen to music, these operations are necessary—no need to open the main screen or pull down the taskbar to use it. Instead, we can optimize actions with a single button and freely immerse ourselves in our world without a single problem.

Touch The Notch mod

Become a tool

You can turn Touch The Notch into the tool you want. For example, we can turn it into a push-button for QR code scanning. Help us quickly perform code scanning operations to find information. You won’t have to worry about opening a QR scanner app on your phone anymore. Sometimes, we also need it to trigger a random task during use. Browse through a favorite website that we often visit. Changing the screen brightness of your phone will also be simple. With the multi-function that your camera can do, you need to take advantage of it right away. Turn it into a push button that can handle every command.

Touch The Notch mod apk

This app is extremely safe and friendly for all Android users. It brings the best experience for us to eliminate redundant operations. Create a better value for the applications you own. No more annoying with the punch-hole screen on the device. The defects have now been solved by a straightforward method. Touch The Notch mod apk is your optimal choice in these sections.

How to Download & Install Touch The Notch MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) for Android


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