Touch Macro Pro MOD APK (Subscribed) 2.1.9

Updated on 12/03/2023 (3 weeks ago)
NameTouch Macro Pro APK
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SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Have you ever constantly needed to manipulate the screen to serve a specific task constantly? This takes time and effort. Let Touch Macro Pro assist you a bit. Preset the action to repeat continuously on the smartphone screen. Customize them to do what you want in a specific loop. This will undoubtedly save a lot of time. Best of all, your hands won’t get tired anymore. It may seem odd to you, but it’s very commonly used. Primarily used in games or work that requires constant clicking.

You’ll have plenty of tools to support these repetitive tasks. Their use is not complex, but it will take time to get used to. And Touch Macro Pro also needs some access to your smartphone. To be able to realize those operations and make work more convenient. In the beginning, you may not be familiar with this usage. But with just a few approaches, you can use it whenever you like with unlimited creativity to simplify the work to the maximum.

Touch Macro Pro mod

Download Touch Macro Pro mod – Repeat operations to optimize work

Touch Macro Pro is a combination of many complex programs and algorithms. Creating a loop of operations for smartphones is not simple at all. It has become much more concise after being released for users to use. You have tools to perform various actions on the smartphone screen. Your job is to adjust the positions and commands to work as you want. The more straightforward the task, the shorter and less complicated the operation. It can be not easy if you have never used any application before. Rest assured because the processes and tools in Touch Macro Pro are pretty simple and easy to distinguish.

Touch Macro Pro mod apk

Popular with all users

First, you need to choose your current condition and situation to use Touch Macro Pro. The first option is that you are an Android user but do not have a computer nearby. This option supports smartphone users and is the most popular. The second is Android users and computer users. We will have more complex operations. The third is an Android expert and is fluent in many complex tools. And finally, the user of the emulator on the computer. Each condition will be provided with many different tools, so you have to choose precisely.

Touch Macro Pro mod apk free

Featured tools

We first need to understand the tools to create that operation to use operations. Probably the most common and easiest to use is the screen click. It is the aiming mark icon that you often see in FPS shooting games. Move it to a particular position to click on it. Set the number of clicks and the interval between clicks. Next is the screen swipe, which can be freely adjusted to swipe left or right, up or down flexibly. Combining many operations will form a combination of continuously repeating processes.

Touch Macro Pro mod free

Save Important Action

Because if you don’t save the set of actions you just created when you exit the application, they will be lost entirely. And starting from scratch again is complicated and time-consuming. Instead, save them in Touch Macro Pro’s list. Because when we need it, we can still take it out and use it as usual. Don’t forget to name the operations to avoid confusion and choose the right one you want immediately.

Touch Macro Pro free

Set up a combination of repetitive operations, serving the tasks on the smartphone screen for a long time. If you have a job that requires performing such operations, immediately use the Touch Macro Pro mod. It will save you a lot of time and protect your knuckles too.

Download Touch Macro Pro MOD APK (Subscribed) for Android

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