Tone Generator PRO MOD APK (Unlocked) 3.45

Updated 20/09/2023 (1 week ago)
NameTone Generator PRO APK
CategoryMusic - Audio
MOD FeaturesUnlocked
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Introduce Tone Generator PRO MOD APK

Tone Generator PRO MOD APK is a program that allows users to create desired sound frequencies on their mobile phones by providing high-quality support tools and specific instructions. This application allows users to generate audio signals from simple to complex, deep bass to crisp highs. It does not require users to have in-depth audio knowledge because all operations have been simplified to suit all users. In addition to those in the audio and media industry, Tone Generator PRO offers many benefits to those who want to test or calibrate the sound on audio equipment, speakers, headphones, and car audio systems or improve health with particular audio frequencies.

Tone Generator PRO is an essential tool for any fan of music, audio or audio technology thanks to its superb sound quality and comprehensive audio tuner.

Tone Generator PRO mod apk

Download Tone Generator PRO MOD APK – Experience the sound more professionally

Users can now quickly generate different phone audio signals with Tone Generator PRO. From 20 Hz to 20 kHz, the volume to the length of the audio tracks, all of which are factors that users are free to adjust according to their needs and purposes. This application has many uses, such as testing and adjusting the sound on the user’s speaker system or headphones. Or they are used to evaluate the sensitivity of devices such as microphones or sound sensors. Tone Generator PRO is also widely used in scientific research, education and human health. To design, run sound tests, generate unique signals, and investigate how sound affects the human ear.

Tone Generator PRO mod apk free

Produces diverse audio signals

Tone Generator PRO can generate audio signals with adjustable length, frequency, and volume. Users can use this feature and create unique sounds for various purposes based on needs. In terms of length, users can decide how long their audio will be, from a few seconds to a few minutes. Regarding frequency, Tone Generator PRO allows users to change the frequency of an audio signal from low to high. It helps users acquire knowledge of sounds with many different frequencies and create complex sound effects. Finally, the user can change the volume of the audio track arbitrarily. Increase or decrease the volume based on the requirements and the intended use for each audio clip to find the proper adjustment.

Tone Generator PRO mod android

Offers a variety of sound tests

Users and audio professionals can significantly benefit from the incredibly high-quality stock of audio tests that Tone Generator PRO has pre-programmed. These audio tests can be used for various purposes, notably testing and evaluating studios, speaker systems, and other audio equipment. To see how active they are and learn about their problems. Tone Generator PRO MOD APK provides many audio signals, such as sine, white noise, and pulse. Users can choose from the available signals to test or modify the audio signal to suit their needs. Those audio modification settings are all saveable, making future use convenient and time-saving.

Tone Generator PRO mod android free

Many benefits for users’ health

In addition to being a valuable tool for artists and others in the music industry, Tone Generator PRO has many positive effects on the health of its users. This application can generate various audio frequencies from a computer or mobile device. Users can adjust the frequency and amplitude to produce sounds that resemble alpha, beta, gamma, theta and delta waves. These waves have been researched and shown to have the ability to balance and calm mood, aid in reducing stress and anxiety, and improve focus. In addition, Tone Generator PRO also offers the option to create natural sounds, such as rain, ocean waves, and birds. Create a peaceful and calming environment to help users relax, sleep better and reduce stress every night before bed.

Tone Generator PRO mod

Thanks to its comprehensive sound customization and impressive tone generator, Tone Generator PRO MOD APK is an invaluable resource for musicians, audio professionals, or anyone looking to dig deep into how sound works.

How to Download & Install Tone Generator PRO MOD APK (Unlocked) for Android

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