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Updated on 21/05/2023 (2 weeks ago)
NameTokyo Afterschool Summoners APK
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Do Japanese high school students do anything other than study? In Tokyo Afterschool Summoners, they are not just ordinary students like everyone else. They also possess terrible powers that can protect this world. Fight against the enemies who are wreaking terrible disasters on humanity. Working together to create a sociable and cohesive team as a block. Enjoy the fun school life and great fun.

Fantasy adventure anime movies are becoming extremely popular with the public. Based on this genre, Japanese developer Lifewonders created the game Tokyo Afterschool Summoners. Possessing straightforward gameplay, the game will be quite accessible to everyone. The role of stories is much more focused than in other games. Bright picture colors and somewhat unique designs will bring you an enjoyable experience.

Tokyo Afterschool Summoners mod free

Download Tokyo Afterschool Summoners mod – Fight the darkness with friends

Coming to the game, we will come to a wonderful fantasy world. A place where people live with strange creatures but friendly archers. But some of them are not going to be as good as you think. Opposing forces are conspiring to rule this world by creating disasters. Only the brave with the mark of strength can stand against them. The rules in combat will be in the popular turn-based attack mode. In one turn, you can deploy several attacks of the given characters with limited energy. The side that is wiped out first will lose.

Your team will include any six warriors you search and choose. Use them intelligently to finish off the opponent as soon as possible. Should bring characters with the ability to support the team to maintain endurance in combat. Your team will be greatly improved with this type of play.

Tokyo Afterschool Summoners mod download

Powerful Heroes

When we come to these turn-based games, the character is an essential part. Based on the story of the game, we have hundreds of characters with different roles. It can be divided into gladiators, support, and one person in charge of the people in the team. Each warrior has a unique stat that makes it unique. Let’s say someone will be strong in attack, but also someone will be strong in defense. Supporters will have the role of creating armor or restoring vitality. Can activate additional effects that make the opponent unable to attack or take damage. Thoroughly study each person’s abilities and improve your team.

Hundreds of fascinating stories

As mentioned above, stories will be what you experience the most. All will be built in a methodical way like an Anime series. The personalities of the characters will be shown through the way they talk. Funny situations will also bring us a lot of laughter. The short films are also what takes you deeper into the lives of these people. Although they are only students, they are very spiritual and responsible in their work. Know the balance between learning and fighting to bring the best results. Unite against the domination of the approaching darkness.

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Equip the weapons

Heroes will fight more effectively when they have their own tools. Those were weapons with terrible divine power that could promote their fighting power. Each person needs a weapon that they can use within their own abilities. For example, some people can use swords, spears, or bows. Depending on the people on the team, you can prioritize finding equipment for them. The store is also where you can find these weapons. The more expensive they are, the more they are superior in both power and features. In some events, you can also buy good weapons at low prices.

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Everyone has to find true love in life. You can find yourself new loves for the characters in the game. Explore the complex relationships that lead to spontaneous lovemaking. Create a healthy and equitable environment for all people and of all genders. Which way you like the story to go, influence with the answers. Everything will be arranged by you with Tokyo Afterschool Summoners mod. Be the leader of the world’s strongest warriors.

Download Tokyo Afterschool Summoners MOD APK (Auto win) for Android

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6 months ago
Rating :

This game has new update 🙁
Please update the modded apk 😅

8 months ago
Rating :

This game has a new update :<
Plss update the modded apk 🙏

10 months ago
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So a new update came out today. I do hope you update this as I find the story more enjoyable then the gameplay at least for me.

John Terol
John Terol
1 year ago
Rating :

This game has a new update :<
Plss update the modded apk 🙏

John Terol
John Terol
1 year ago
Reply to  John Terol

This game has a new update(again) :<
Plss update the modded apk 🙏

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