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Updated 13/09/2022 (1 year ago)
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Introduce MOD APK Time Cut

Creating professional and slow-motion videos is not difficult if you have Time Cut’s help. Slow-motion videos have been around for quite some time. But until now, it is still one of the top trends in a video recording on social networks or in movies. Slow-motion shows each gesture of objects and people in the video in the most intuitive way. Because of the attraction that can be realized when watching these videos, they are so loved. And you can manually create those videos. Just a smartphone and Time Cut are more than enough.

Time Cut will support you in recording videos and capture slow-motion most straightforwardly. In most cases, more or less, we need assistive devices. It makes shooting and focusing more efficient. But Time Cut does not require that because the tools are already integrated into this application. That’s why Time Cut is not for professional videographers. Its quality and versatility are simply unsatisfactory. However, for the average user, this is the best product.

Time Cut mod

Download Time Cut mod – Practice making professional slow-motion videos

Of course, the primary function of Time Cut must be to record movies. Time Cut’s camera, though more or less influenced by the original smartphone camera. But it still has many rather unique resolution modes. Videos that have been recorded will be analyzed in multiple frames. That analysis is shown in the bottom corner of the screen. There is a histogram, and you can touch it with your finger to move through multiple ranges. When you do, the video will also go through various frames. In which direction you move, the video will run that direction. So rewind is not a big problem causing trouble for Time Cut. Instead, you need to focus on the tools that make slow-motion video recording smoother.

Capture motion frame by frame

You must have finished recording the video to do this. Time Cut will analyze the movement of the object and everything in the video. The control panel will then appear below the screen. You use your finger to move points on the chart. Equally, the video will also follow your finger. Or you can let it play automatically at the speed of your choice. Most standard slow-motion videos will drop four times or more of the average video speed. The goal is to highlight the key scenes that make the video engaging.

Time Cut mod apk

Easy to change the quality

Frame rate is also something worth mentioning when shooting video. We are probably no strangers to smooth format video. That’s because they have a higher frame rate than other videos. Frame rate is always proportional to smoothness in videos. You must have seen the latest TVs all have high frame support. Time Cut can also help your videos reach that level. Each frame level for you to choose from, with a standard level of 60 or 120 FPS. Up to the highest level is 240 FPS. With this number, quality is always guaranteed.

AI improves images

The slower the video, the clearer and sharper the objects will be. Fast video is the opposite. Everything will pass like the wind, and it won’t be easy to see the thinove. We have a separate AI system provided by Time Cut. This AI analyzes all the frames inside the video. Then use the filter to clarify the image of the objects inside the video. So recording video regardless of speed is not a concern when we always see the thing.

Time Cut mod apk free

Record quality slow-motion video with any assistive tools that work. Time Cut mod can be for amateur videographers. Step by step, learn and exploit this exciting function.

How to Download & Install Time Cut MOD APK (Pro unlocked) for Android


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