This War of Mine MOD APK 1.6.2 (DLC Unlocked)

Updated on 16/04/2022 (2 years ago)
NameThis War of Mine APK
Publisher11 bit studios
MOD FeaturesDLC Unlocked
SupportAndroid 4.1+
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This War of Mine is a game that recreates the brutal war scene. For you like to witness the battlefield full of hardship. Talk about the fate of innocent people in arduous war. War brings much pain and pain to everyone. Inspired by the painful, innocent fate amidst fire bullets. 11 bit studios have released a game that focuses on human life in war. Bring you the truest feelings about the ravages of war. A casual fighting game about the military, controlling groups of people living throughout the besieged city. Provides you with combat experience that survives the war.

Leader of the survivor group in the dilapidated house, full of holes caused by bombs. Shooting shots will keep you out of hiding place. This will be the time for you to upgrade your home to ensure medicine and food. Food and medicine sources are very scarce. So in order to survive, you have to collect, grow vegetables, and catch small animals to support yourself with food. Survival is extremely difficult circumstances, a thousand pounds hanging hair situation. Players will have to strive and fight non-stop to survive. The game has opened up very real life in the tough war years. Record many memories that you have experienced during the war.

This War of Mine

Download This War of Mine mod – The war for survival

The battle is open to finding an intense life. Wartime always leaves people with countless remnants of war. Making human life always filled with fear. They are afraid of how long they will survive, what to eat to overcome the hunger. This War of Mine lets you see what happens, like a brutal war back. Guns, bombs and bullets will kill people at any time. This War of Mine explores the tough wartime life.

This War of Mine mod apk


You will have the task of helping the survivors of the war in hiding. Not following a pattern or storyline, everything happened according to your actions. Must survive in that war and try everything to survive. In that group of people, there are people who are injured, or sick … there will be others who rewrite the diary. Besides, be wary of attacks by many other refugees. Make the decision to do what to do first, because resources are scarce. Exploiting resources, fighting and providing the necessary supplies and food on your own.

This War of Mine android


Every day the player will have to go through two phases day and night. During the day, the group must take refuge from attacks and bombs. Help them find sources of food, medicine to ensure their life. At night, players have to search for the adjacent blocks to find food and weapons. This War of Mine at night will bring an atmosphere of great tension, even fear. Each location will be a character, personality is unlike anyone else. If you don’t have medicine, go to the hospital, if you don’t have any food left, go to the food houses. When you have all the necessary tools and food, you will have the strength to overcome. You will meet people in the same situation, you can help them or make threats, whichever you choose.

Live the war

War always leaves difficulties, people always live in fear. Can help neighbours fix things, exchange food, or other needed items. Each character when completing the mission will have usually brought back. It is as simple as food, personal belongings or equipment. Weather also affects the survival of mankind. It was cold, the water froze, the snow had to be turned into water. That makes you spend more fuel and effort. The snow also makes it impossible to go to some other place and wait for the end of winter. There are really many problems you will encounter in wartime. Bombs, lack of material all make your life more difficult to pile up.

This War of Mine mod


The characters in the game all have a personality and individual talent. Depending on the situation you give them the quests. There are characters who are good at cooking, bargaining when buying, selling fast … Each character will dominate in different things. Along with the characters experience the events in life. Overcoming difficult times, rain, bombs and storms. All the characters that show up are honest, extremely miserable. Diverse character types allow you to transform into characters to experience life.

This War of Mine lets you feel the devastation of war for people. They make them live in hunger and lack of poverty. Always live in confusion, now live forever. Take on the characters and help them survive. Download This War of Mine mod with character to conquer challenges to live.

Download This War of Mine MOD APK (DLC Unlocked) for Android

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