The Walking Dead: Our World MOD APK (Menu/Onehit, No recoil)

Updated 05/10/2022 (2 years ago)
NameThe Walking Dead: Our World APK
PublisherNext Games
MOD FeaturesMenu/Onehit, No recoil
SupportAndroid 5.0+
Get it onGoogle Play

Introduce MOD APK The Walking Dead: Our World

A zombie always makes us feel scared when it comes to its horror. Terrible and inhuman aggression is something we should be wary of. What if our world fell into an apocalyptic scenario like in the movies? The Walking Dead: Our World will show you what it really is. Guns are now just a temporary method to keep yourself safe. Defend the last strongholds of humanity and hope for the future.

The TV series The Walking Dead: Our World gives viewers a lot of emotions. Both fear and excitement bring a certain depth to the character. The Walking Dead: Our World has been created and gives players fierce battles. What’s more special, it will let you fight wherever you want. Integrated with virtual reality function, you can adventure everywhere, like Pokemon GO.

The Walking Dead Our World mod free

Download The Walking Dead: Our World mod – Explore the dead world around you.

Let’s take a quick look at the gameplay mechanics of The Walking Dead: Our World. It will use augmented reality functionality on your device. So wherever you go, your character will go there, everything will be recreated realistically. Zombie locations will appear everywhere on the phone map. Go there and start savage hunting in your own real world. The game will work on your camera and create a realistic situation. Pick up your gun and kill all the zombies that are rushing towards you. Every time you complete a fight, valuable rewards will belong to you.

To kill zombies more easily, we need to aim at their heads. This is the most important and weak part that controls all of their actions. When the head is severely damaged, it will not continue working—a cool but fun trick to help you be highly effective in combat.

The Walking Dead Our World mod download

Rescue the survivors

You are not alone in this dead and desolate world. Many others are also in difficult situations. When caught, help lower yourself from the pursuit of these hideous zombies. Please pick up the gun and aim properly to make them lie down. Those under attack will be grateful to you and join the ranks of survivors. Increased opportunities open up a brighter future for human history. All hope must be used, and everyone has the right to life. Your shooting skills can be a lifesaver in many different situations.

The Walking Dead Our World mod apk

Famous shooters collection

The characters in The Walking Dead are mostly experienced gunmen. They can survive thanks to their own talent and luck. You can collect the cards that drop from the missions you participate in. Match them to unlock featured characters from the movie. These unafraid of death are now you. Pick up your guns and start fighting. You can customize your appearance to the characters you want. The people you love now all fight your way and represent you. Don’t let the zombies get a chance to infiltrate the last human strongholds.

The Walking Dead Our World mod apk free

Create groups with friends

Do you need your teammates to survive this intense battle? Call them into The Walking Dead: Our World and create a strong team. Work together and destroy all the largest hordes of undead. Defend each other against the overwhelming attack from all sides. A legendary war created by legendary people. It is completely true, and the seriousness cannot be taken lightly. Win to get attractive rewards divided equally among each member of the team. Survive and fight together in this cruel world. Having teammates is everything.

The Walking Dead Our World mod android

Build shelters

Shelters are created so that survivors have a safe place to stay. Some quests require you to complete the construction of these places. Create an impregnable place and defend it against attacks. Keeping people alive so they can rest assured in the rebuilding of this world. This is an important task that shooters like you need to understand and take seriously. Don’t be too critical about how many zombies you have defeated in the world. Your fighting skills are the most effective way to succeed in The Walking Dead: Our World mod. Survive and become undefeated in this brutal reality.

How to Download & Install The Walking Dead: Our World MOD APK (Menu/Onehit, No recoil) for Android


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