The Sun Shines Over Us MOD APK (Menu, Many money/tickets) 11.3

Updated on 03/02/2023 (2 days ago)
NameThe Sun Shines Over Us APK
PublisherNiji Games
MOD FeaturesMenu, Many money/tickets
SupportAndroid 6.0+
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Trouble in school will be faithfully recreated through “The Sun Shines Over Us”. This is where you will see the unexpected happening, especially for a student who has received so much pressure. However, negativity has no place in their lives. Overcoming it is the way to grow more robust and more stable. Thereby understanding and appreciating the things that can help you. The best thing for yourself with positive directions and not giving up.

School stories are always hotly debated in every country. It has also been put in the movies to reflect clearly for us to see. But not only that, The Sun Shines Over Us will be a place full of those aspects. Through a game of visual novels, we will explore even more deeply. The inner world of a person being bullied is opened up and filled with pressures. Realize the negativity life brings and take it too many turns. From there, I sympathize with those fighting for a better life every day.

The Sun Shines Over Us mod

Download The Sun Shines Over Us mod – Find a more positive direction

The story is about a girl whose very dark past happened to her. Not only that but she was also despised and bullied by other classmates when she first transferred schools. That pushed the girl herself into a life filled with negative thoughts. You will accompany and explore her changing process. Help yourself choose the best things to change your life slowly every day. But if we are not wise enough, it will be difficult for us to get out of there. It’s all up to you to transform into the main character and live a completely different life. Interact with the people around you comfortably.

Interesting story

The entire length of The Sun Shines Over Us will consist of fifteen chapters spanning. Each chapter will contain more than one hundred thousand words, divided into many situations. There will be two to four different options for each problem you face. Each choice takes us in new directions. Therefore, the main character’s life will be wholly controlled and decided by you. Up to six different endings can be unlocked as we complete the progression. You will never be able to predict what you might encounter in the following situation. Instead, play and feel the character’s inner self.

The Sun Shines Over Us mod free

Cartoon characters

The characters in the story are depicted vividly under extremely vivid animations. It will show emotions and surroundings for us to predict the situation. Each character has a lot of impact on the main character’s activities. Their style of dress also creates a highlight in anyone’s mind. Through each person’s interaction, you can learn a lot of helpful information. There are good people, bad people, and friends around us. They are willing to share with you the difficulties and pressures to bear. Gradually eliminate the negativity that is taking over you.

The Sun Shines Over Us mod apk

Take care of your health

Mental health is one of the character’s most important factors. Everything that happens can affect the damage level of the essence if more negativity means more influence. Since then, the declining indicators will make the multiplier even weaker. So create a wrong mentality, and an ending may not come to you. Instead, try to use positive things to reduce those things in The Sun Shines Over Us mod.

Download The Sun Shines Over Us MOD APK (Menu, Many money/tickets) for Android

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