The Muscle Hustle MOD APK (Dumb enemy, onehit) 2.6.6528

Updated on 14/03/2023 (3 months ago)
NameThe Muscle Hustle APK
PublisherDandio Games
MOD FeaturesDumb enemy, onehit
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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This will be your first time playing a wrestling game like this, for sure. Undoubtedly, The Muscle Hustle is the unique wrestling game ever. Previously, when it came to wrestling, you would immediately think of a game related to fighting. This seems true, but it has nothing to do with what I’m about to talk about. Have you ever thought that we will play wrestling by playing billiard shooting? Surely not yet, right? So today, I will show you how fun this game is. Jump on the ring and execute your plan to become a champion.

The Muscle Hustle is indeed a wrestling game, but the way you play its wrestling will be far different from how you know it. We will still have heavyweight wrestlers with incredible strength. The match will take place on a big stage with hundreds of spectators watching. However, you will perform the wrestling screen in a way that looks quite familiar. It can be thought of as a billiard version of wrestling. If you don’t understand, I will explain right away.

The Muscle Hustle mod

Download The Muscle Hustle mod – The most unique and interesting wrestling

So how will you wrestle in this game? Perhaps we should learn through the mechanics of The Muscle Hustle a little bit. On our ring are wrestlers. They will be represented by pieces on the field. How to be able to compete with opponents. You will use your finger to shoot the pieces at each other. Create damage to your opponent and an advantage for your team. With each shot, the enemy will lose a certain amount of health. If you can destroy the opponent’s pieces, then you have won this battle.

These wrestlers are all people with health far beyond the average person. They can defeat anyone with their strength. You will manage those gladiators and help increase their strength so they can fight more effectively. Therefore, the matches will have a lot of gladiators fighting each other. Each person possesses a great power that no one can match. Your only task is to shoot them at the right weak point of the opponent to knock them down quickly.

The Muscle Hustle mod apk

Gather all gladiators

We have hundreds of gladiators gathered around the world. All of them have toned muscles and peak strength. You will see the difference in the way each person dresses and fights. Upgrade them to the max for easy evolution. Then will upgrade the shape to be stronger and more unique. All gladiators will have the same playstyle. Sometimes they play a certain role so that the match can be won more easily. The boss characters in the plot are also gladiators that you can collect. The scale is unimaginable.

The Muscle Hustle mod apk free

Play in every scenario

Interesting gameplay is indispensable for many attractive game modes. The default mode is inherently a challenge for players to complete. We will still have many unique modes, such as fighting many wrestlers at the same time. Kicking each other out of the stands, freeing in dangerous situations… Of course, it’s indispensable to have an attractive PvP mode. Where you and many other players can compete against each other to see who is the king of wrestling, it sounds grandiose, but it’s just you and your opponent shooting billiards wrestlers together. However, it still creates a certain drama.

The Muscle Hustle free

Funny details

With matches that are aligned instead of antagonistic, there are still many funny situations happening, instead of chaos and heterogeneity like real antagonism. We can see that the commentator’s voice really creates a sense of excitement. The gladiator’s shot at the enemy is so magical that it’s dizzying. Sometimes just one shot can knock down an opponent in an instant. Together with the various modes will create a multitude of games for spectators and players. There is almost no room for boredom in The Muscle Hustle. Play with pleasure and satisfaction of strength and wisdom.

The Muscle Hustle mod free

Just one finger can control an entire exciting wrestling match. Create top-notch shots to knock down opponents at any time. The Arena of The Muscle Hustle will follow you everywhere in the world. Own hundreds of different wrestlers, upgrade skills, and champion strength. Join a one-of-a-kind wrestling battle at The Muscle Hustle mod.

Download The Muscle Hustle MOD APK (Dumb enemy, onehit) for Android

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