The Legend of Tartar MOD APK (Menu/God mode/Damage/Defense Multiplier) 1.64

Updated 10/07/2024 (1 week ago)
NameThe Legend of Tartar APK
PublisherByabyak Games
MOD FeaturesMenu/God mode/Damage/Defense Multiplier
SupportAndroid 5.1+
Get it onGoogle Play
The Legend of Tartar MOD APK detail?

Enable guest login mod in menu first, wait for about 5 seconds and click on google login. Then, enter the game.


Introduce MOD APK The Legend of Tartar

The Legend of Tartar MOD APK is where you can experience challenging combat missions. You will have to confront dangerous enemies at different levels of exploration. That’s when you and Tartar sink into a dream world with many mysteries. There, everything can happen, and you have to find peaceful moments. That will help her escape her nightmares and get a good night’s sleep. So, it would be best if you accompanied Tartar on his journeys of discovery and fighting inside the dream. Get ready for challenging adventure missions against evil monsters.

Your mission when entering the world of dreams is to guide a girl. Her name is Tartar, and she is immersed in the most difficult times. So, every dream she has is filled with negative and mentally harmful feelings. In this world, Tartar must fight against evil monster forces that want to destroy her. But facing those challenges, she only fought alone on the journeys. And you will be the one Tartar can rely on to escape his nightmares safely. Start your journey to fight against all the challenges in the dream world.

The Legend of Tartar mod

Download The Legend of Tartar MOD APK – Overcome challenging journeys inside dreams

You will be tasked with helping Tartar conquer his journeys to explore the dreamy world. The world inside a cute girl’s imagination faces many challenges. So she couldn’t relax either when awake or in her dreams. When she sleeps, she encounters dangerous monsters who want to attack and destroy her. That makes Tartar unable to sleep peacefully and never experience any sweet sleep. And your responsibility is to help her conquer the challenges ahead to escape the nightmare. Test your exploration and combat abilities as you enter the land of dreams.

The Legend of Tartar free

Face the monster

To help Tartar escape her most difficult time, you need to move forward with her. That’s when Tartar continuously encountered monsters appearing in his dreams. They are creatures with different shapes that make it impossible for her to sleep well. And if Tartar wants to escape this situation, it must bravely face the challenges ahead. So it would be best if you had her bravely bravely confront all attacks from evil monsters. With your control and fighting skills, you can gradually destroy them. Together with a beautiful girl, prepare yourself to fight the challenges in The Legend of Tartar MOD APK.

The Legend of Tartar apk

Perfect your fighting skills

You and a girl will start adventurous journeys inside your dreams. She is facing many challenges and must face them to overcome them. And you have the role of a companion to help Tartar upgrade his strength and fighting ability. By killing monsters, you can collect unique equipment and equip yourself. Then, learn about fighting skills and combine them to get the strongest power. But your opponents will continue to appear, and you will win when you destroy them all. Upgrade your strength and fighting ability when confronting dangerous monsters.

The Legend of Tartar mod apk

Destroy all monsters

With your control talent, you will help Tartar increase his power level over time. That’s when you constantly use weapons to kill monsters to get powerful equipment. They are all items that can increase combat and defense stats. So, you will gain constant strength while attacking and destroying monsters. In the process, you also need to learn about Tartar’s skills and combine them to fight. Finally, you can confront and destroy the evil boss when you reach your highest power level. Step by step, destroy the monsters that appear in the dream world of a cute girl.

You are Tartar’s companion on missions to fight challenges. They are battles that will take place inside this cute girl’s dream. So, that made it impossible for Tartar to have the sweet sleep he wanted, and to end this situation, you must bravely face the monster with her. With your fighting talent, you will work with her to perfect your strength and fighting ability. Then, control Tartar to conquer adventurous journeys and destroy evil bosses. Download The Legend of Tartar MOD APK to prove your fighting talent inside the dream world.

How to Download & Install The Legend of Tartar MOD APK (Menu/God mode/Damage/Defense Multiplier) for Android


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