Text or Die MOD APK (Menu/Unlocked hats/Blocks) 21.0.0

Updated 06/06/2024 (2 months ago)
NameText or Die APK
PublisherRollic Games
MOD FeaturesMenu/Unlocked hats/Blocks
SupportAndroid 7.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Text or Die

Text or Die MOD APK (Menu/Unlocked hats/Blocks) improves the player’s brain with a word guessing game, speed is the decisive factor. It would be best if you found answers to all the questions asked in the shortest time. If you answer incorrectly or cannot give an answer, you will fail and start over. A typing challenge combined with super intelligence puts a bit of pressure on players. Overcome other opponents on this long journey, don’t put your life in danger. This is considered an interesting, challenging typing exercise with letters. Questions stimulate the brain in many different forms, enjoy and demonstrate competence.

Becoming a typing master in the vast ocean is the main goal when players come here. You experience it like an expedition, if you want to find the treasure, you must solve the puzzle quickly. Reveal every heart-stopping moment you can’t avoid. Players quickly adapt to the atmosphere here and improve their speed when approaching questions. Handle the situation calmly because your brain won’t have time to change gears if you rush. The tournament has many participants, they all become your opponents. Players build very high towers if they don’t want to be eaten by ferocious sharks.

Text or Die apk free

Download Text or Die mod apk – Give the correct answer

Players stand on stacked blocks, look at the puzzle and give the answer. The height of each block is different based on the number of correct answers you give. Every time you answer incorrectly, you immediately lose one level. If this happens continuously, you will sink into the sea. Sharks surround, waiting, ready to be eaten. It would be best if you kept this alive for a long time to reach more of the question. The difficulty level is upgraded by Text or Die daily, increasing the player’s thinking ability. The typing challenge will change your life, level up or down, it’s up to you.

Text or Die mod apk

Unlock characters

Text or Die APK builds a cute cartoon character system, offering attractive designs for players. Set a name of your choice to identify yourself when standing in the rankings, others need to remember your name. Players demonstrate their intelligence through many quizzes, answer excellently and rise to the top rank. At this time, the main character is applauded, stands in the middle and holds up the noble trophy. Each character has a different appearance, and their intelligence level is also measured separately. You can learn to gather people who fit your purpose.

Text or Die android

Control response speed

Players only have a certain amount of time to answer. If they are not calm enough, they will become confused. Text or Die The APK mod displays the question on the screen, with a blank line right below to fill in the answer. The length of each answer is different, the longer it is, the higher you can build the block. Players must be safe in all situations to avoid having their lives stolen by crocodiles. Each letter is displayed, accuracy is a top priority. Solve all the puzzles as quickly as possible, time will be extended if you have bonus points to redeem.

Text or Die mod

Get hints from the game

In case of difficulty, players who cannot give an answer quickly can ask for help from Text or Die APK 21.0.0. You should only use it when you really can’t guess the answer to avoid waste. You need to save in large quantities to prevent in the most difficult situations. If players abuse this feature, their brain development will be delayed. You boost your intelligence by answering all the questions without any help. When you make a mistake, you will automatically learn a lesson for yourself to try next time.

Text or Die apk

Addictive challenges come in many forms, you feel the level of fun increases with each level. The urgency has prompted players to exercise their brains super quickly. Time is limited, many people participate at the same time so there is great competition. If you get many correct answers, you will get a worthy reward, bringing great benefits for the next time you play. The level increased rapidly, the crocodiles felt hungry one after another. They are a suppressing factor that makes players feel scared. Text or Die MOD APK creates the ultimate brain training exercise by typing text and confirming with the correct answer.

Mod features of Text or Die

  • Unlocked Hats:

Players come from many different countries, representing countries participating in the competition. Each name was called up and made great achievements in this journey. The difficulty level will be the clearest assessment of each player’s ability.

  • Unlocked Blocks:

The blocks are built in squares with many different colors. You choose any colour you want and overlap each other with a certain height. You try to keep a distance to avoid the eyes of predatory fish.

How to Download & Install Text or Die MOD APK (Menu/Unlocked hats/Blocks) for Android


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