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Updated 28/07/2023 (4 months ago)
NameTears of Themis APK
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Introduce MOD APK Tears of Themis

In a place like Tears of Themis, any wrong choice will lead to the worst outcome for you. Perhaps many people are no longer unfamiliar with dating-themed games. What gamers who love this genre are most excited about is the feeling of being in contact with the characters they like. Although it has been around for a long time, this genre is still favored by the romance and beauty of the characters. Tears of Themis from miHoYo is also a product of dating. But that element is only intelligently integrated into the actual plot of this game. It revolves around mysterious cases and character investigations.

When participating in Tears of Themis, any words you say will significantly affect the events in the game. This is a typical element of dating games. It is further demonstrated through the game’s landmark events. How do you make your words and actions lead to the best outcome? That is something that no one can answer when first playing the game. That is also the point that makes the attraction the element of surprise when discovering the truth.

Tears of Themis mod

Download Tears of Themis mod – The journey of young detectives to investigate and solve cases

You are the heroine of this game, a detective whose job is to find clues and the culprit in many different cases. Tears of Themis is a series of cases with many complex motives and methods throughout the story. This is the time for you to exercise your powers of observation. Interrogate suspects and uncover the most important clues. Stand before the court to directly denounce the perpetrator. Rearrange the facts to reveal the ultimate truth hidden behind. This is a detective game that requires reasoning and observing the scene and clues.

Accompanying you in solving the case will be famous detectives in many areas around the world. Each of them has highly sharp deductions and will help you investigate to collect clues. All these detectives are boys with impeccable looks. Sometimes some events will lead to an interaction between you and those guys. In the process of uncovering the truth behind the complicated case, can you develop feelings for one of the boys? It entirely depends on your words and actions.

Tears of Themis mod apk

Find the key to the case

The main character will be exposed to the scene and the case’s suspect. Clues will appear for players to deduce. At the same time, you will also take statements from suspects and witnesses to provide complete information. Once you have the necessary clues, start the inference process. Compare the statements of the characters in the case with the available evidence. If you are observant, you will discover certain contradictions in the suspect’s words and the evidence at the scene. It is also the most crucial detail to report them in court. Depending on the game’s development, the difficulty of the cases will increase.

Tears of Themis mod apk free

Interact with the characters

In each stage, you will meet a new detective. They may appear by chance or in your cases. Each character has its personality and unique shape. Depending on the situation in which you meet them, it is possible to interact to a certain extent. Maybe it was just a simple conversation about the case. Once their personal stories are unlocked, you can text and video chat with the guys. Not only the words but the boys’ voices were also recorded. They are all so tender and make you seem to want to interact with them every day. They will also be the ones to support you in the process of solving the case.

Tears of Themis mod free

Choose to change the situation

Every decision you make will affect the plot and fork them into many different branches. Such events are familiar in visual novel titles. The player will have to choose one of the other options. It can be words as well as actions to the characters and surroundings. That action will have an impact on the plot of the story. Indeed if you choose another action, the plot will also be changed, especially with essential choices. Specifically, in Tears of Themis, sometimes you need to decide to investigate this evidence or not. It will affect the clues later, the case can be failed, and the perpetrator is free.

Tears of Themis free

The number of successful cases will determine your ability. Demonstrate skills in observing clues and comparing evidence. Use them to expose the culprit and bring him to light. Along with that is getting acquainted and building good feelings with the male main characters. Tears of Themis mod will help you get the most thrilling, tense, romantic, and fun experiences.

How to Download & Install Tears of Themis MOD APK (Menu, God mode) for Android


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