Tank War: The Ultimate Battle MOD APK (Dumb enemy) 1.10

Updated 24/07/2022 (2 years ago)
NameTank War: The Ultimate Battle APK
PublisherWar Lands : Battle Field
MOD FeaturesDumb enemy
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Introduce MOD APK Tank War: The Ultimate Battle

Tank War: The Ultimate Battle is an action-adventure game with dramatic tank battles. Indeed gamers are too familiar with the shooting game genre. Character control is too dull and no longer attractive. So what do you think about controlling a tank machine? The game in question here is Tank War: The Ultimate Battle, the great tank battle race. It will cause a lot of excitement for those passionate about shooting with thrills. A variety of tanks with modern equipment will appear before you. Those are the enemies you need to destroy. Quickly point the gun at the nearest car and crush it!

This world of adventure will reek of guns. The bullets from the surrounding cars will continuously aim at you. Therefore, you must know how to dodge so that your battleship does not waste energy. Aim carefully and attack the most accurate bullets. The battle can continue for a long time, so hang on to the end. Until you destroy all the cars in the front, you win. The actions are continuously epic and thrilling, so prepare for this great war!

Tank War The Ultimate Battle mod

Download Tank War: The Ultimate Battle mod – tank combat

In tank battles of Tank War: The Ultimate Battle, with 3 minutes in each round of gunfight. With your tank, you must defeat all opponents on the battlefield. The time given is concise, so you have to plan specific strategies. The enemies around are also very cunning and want to win like you. Each shot must carefully aim at the target, maneuver, and destroy the enemy’s vehicle. Remove obstacles in front of your eyes to open the way to shoot. Try to use your best shooting skills, and become the ruler of the entire tank front. In addition, after the end of each battle, badges will appear. Collect them all to become the tank hero with the highest score. With Tank War: The Ultimate Battle, relaxing moments will be more memorable.

Game mode

Tank War: The Ultimate Battle gives gamers two different game modes to avoid getting bored with the progress and content of the game. Campaign mode and multiplayer battle mode. With the multiplayer mode, you will fight with six real players but timed. Like the old rules, the person with the highest score and staying in the last round is the winner. However, if another player kills you, you will still be resurrected. Score high or low, depending on how many tanks you shoot. When you kill an enemy, you get a badge back. And in contrast to the campaign mode, you will still fight on the battlefield with installed tanks. Regardless of the method, the player will feel like he is controlling the tank.

Upgrade and customize

A modern and advanced battleship will support a lot for a more substantial damage frequency. In addition, each level will increase the difficulty of destroying the target. Therefore, the warrior will increase the need to upgrade equipment and power for his battleship. There are six types of tanks for you to customize and use. To unlock all of them, you must join both game modes and get lots of XP. Surely everyone wants to have these tanks for every fight. To do this, you will have to focus on destroying all the enemies on the front. So start choosing a car, upgrade and increase parts for it to be epic. To overcome all the enemies around, you need a quality companion by your side.

Tank War The Ultimate Battle apk

Death machine

Turn your tank into a unique battleship on the track. A battleship will surpass all other tanks and become a great gun warrior. Perilous and dramatic tank battles are waiting for an absolute boss. Decide all races and control your battleship rationally. Many maps and lands await your warriors to explore and create fierce struggles. The game will not make you lose your mood, suitable for all ages because it is easy to operate. Add to your collection quality tanks. Go to the final battle and collect valuable gold coins and badges in no time!

Tank War The Ultimate Battle mod apk

This game will make you not to be missed when immersed in this world of guns. The battle auras from the cars will take you to the last place. Quickly download Tank War: The Ultimate Battle mod and show your control!

How to Download & Install Tank War: The Ultimate Battle MOD APK (Dumb enemy) for Android


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