Survivor In Rainbow Monster MOD APK (Unlimited money, Skills) 1.4.3

Updated 27/02/2024 (7 days ago)
NameSurvivor In Rainbow Monster APK
PublisherGreat Arcade Games
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money, Skills
SupportAndroid 5.1+
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Introduce MOD APK Survivor In Rainbow Monster

Survivor In Rainbow Monster is an action game with an adventure to a spooky city park. Play as an unnamed child who is kidnapped on his way to school. This child was taken to an amusement park called Spooky Park. This place is vast, with turns like a strange labyrinth. Having to deal with potentially life-threatening situations. It sounds very scary when associated with the monster element. But players are assured because of the funny scenes and no horror elements. The worst-case scenario is just being crushed by a monster’s leg.

Once captured and brought here, players need to find a way to survive five nights of detention. Every night there is a wacky task set for the player, which must be overcome without fail. In addition to completing the quest, the player also needs to hide from the monsters wandering around here. If they detect your existene or your presence is near them, they will rush to crush you with their feet. Players can rest assured whenever a rainbow monster is about to appear near you. There will be sounds indicating their presence. Each rainbow monster corresponds to a different creepy sound.

Survivor In Rainbow Monster apk free

Download Survivor In Rainbow Monster mod – The adventure of surviving after being kidnapped by a young astronaut

Since the playground is public property, there will also be other kidnapped children coming here. Players just need to follow the character with the green name above and control it. That’s your character, the player needs to automatically explore the area so no map will be provided here. In addition to the landscape of trees interspersed with brown dirt roads. There are rooms inside with many boxes of scattered things, furniture is placed everywhere. There are cardboard boxes players can use as shelters from monsters. The player collects the boxes on the ground with the button on the right corner that has a picture of a small box.

Survivor In Rainbow Monster mod apk

Nightly quest

There are five missions per night, and each of these is not the same, and the difficulty increases from easy to easy. The first night, the player needs to find the specified cubes. Those are cubes with letters on each side. The second night the player needs to find food to throw to the monsters. Or is it to raise these rainbow monsters? On the third night, the player has to repair the machinery to prepare for the power generation. On the fourth night, when the machine is fixed on the third night, the player can use it to light up the entire park. The last night is also the fifth night, with the name of the mysterious night coming to close the ending.

Survivor In Rainbow Monster apk

Four types of monsters

The monsters in Survivor In Rainbow Monster exist in 4 different types corresponding to the colors. The blue monster is the scariest. It moves around the park with a ghostly smile in search of players. Green monsters do patrol work, however, they are blind. To avoid these monsters, players need to make as little noise as possible. The orange monster only reaches the areas where the orange line appears. Players need to regularly feed them to prevent them from getting naked. Finally, there are purple monsters that specialize in hiding in the vents, observe a little and avoid them.

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Character appearance

All player characters in Survivor In Rainbow Monster are modeled after the astronauts of the game Among Us. With the same shape, only different in color. Including red, green, blue, purple, yellow, white;… But to increase identity, players can wear more costumes for their characters. The clothes are given away when the player completes certain tasks. A white doctor’s suit with headphones hanging around his neck. Blue gymnastics uniform set with black braided hairdo. Or a chef’s outfit with brown hair.

Survivor In Rainbow Monster mod

Everything is described quite simply, but the reality is not so. Each mission brings its duplicate treasures. In addition to appearance, players can also distinguish monsters by sound and appearance. The blue monster is large, wearing a yellow crown on its head. The green monster was as long as a stick, its limbs fluttering. The orange monster has a shape similar to that of a lizard. The purple monster only has its eyes and hands exposed from the chimneys. Download Survivor In Rainbow Monster survival battle escape from the spooky park.

How to Download & Install Survivor In Rainbow Monster MOD APK (Unlimited money, Skills) for Android


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