Superdimensional Sex Shop MOD APK (Increase money, gems) 387

Updated 13/11/2021 (2 years ago)
NameSuperdimensional Sex Shop APK
MOD FeaturesIncrease money, gems
SupportAndroid 4.1+
Superdimensional Sex Shop MOD APK detail?
  • High Money Output
  • Every time you spend/earn Gems it increases by 100 gems

Introduce MOD APK Superdimensional Sex Shop

Creating a close relationship with women is something that cannot be done. But these things are straightforward when you enter the world of Superdimensional Sex Shop. Meet hot girls with many different personalities. Join strange but equally attractive and attractive dates. Get a better look with your polite and respectful gestures. Adventures will give you a lot of beneficial experiences.

Super dimensional Sex Shop belongs to the fantasy adventure game genre that is loved by many people. The gameplay is intelligently built to satisfy players and brings a story about the future with strange people and machines. The item system is exceptionally diverse for you to explore slowly. The game’s plot is divided into several parts and requires the player to meet the set requirements. The more you play, the more you will love everything in this game.

Superdimensional Sex Shop mod1

Download Superdimensional Sex Shop mod – Travel to new dimensions

You should know that around us can always happen strange things. Meet Dana, a scientist from another dimension. She will come to you and open a mysterious portal to travel to worlds you have never seen. Complete quests to unlock different parts of the story. Please the girls by making the requests they can make to you. Don’t hesitate before anything because the rewards are well worth it. You will enjoy exciting stories along with beautiful photos. Living in a place where no hateful rules apply.

Superdimensional Sex Shop mod free1

Unlock the gates

You and Dana share a common goal which is to explore and conquer all new worlds. Therefore, you will perform tasks such as buying things, chatting, or finding objects. When all is done, and the story of one chapter is completed, the other gate will be unlocked. You can go to another exotic place with just one simple step, and there will be beautiful alien girls welcoming you enthusiastically.

Along with that, the difficulty of the challenges will also increase gradually to challenge players. Resources will be what you need to prioritize to find what you need. There are a total of seven portals with seven dimensions.

Beautiful girls

This is the part that boys or even girls can love. Every culture you meet has its unique beauty. The people there live in ways you’ve never seen before. The scenery and architecture are also something that you cannot understand. The people there can be gentle, solid, or charming, just like in reality. Getting to know them perfectly will also take long enough. Combined with that is the ingenuity in behavior to enhance your attractive point. How will you make them fall in love and become your lover?

Superdimensional Sex Shop mod apk1

Useful items

To increase the intimacy points with girls, you need things that can increase strength. They are the tools that make your actions more effective. In many cases, it will bring unexpected effects that you cannot anticipate. You can collect these everywhere you go. Buy in time store at a reasonable price to use when needed. Each item is only practical for a particular action. Expressing love in unique ways will be a wise choice to bring your partner to you. Although they look nothing special, they are instrumental assistants.

Superdimensional Sex Shop mod android1

Equipment upgrade

To be able to travel through the space portals, you must have the necessary tools. These tools will help you perform the tasks you are assigned. For example, summoning your companions to help in times of trouble. Activate different portals to participate in other events. Make your opponent captivated by some of the unique features the device can do. The higher the level, the more compelling these devices are. But their upgrade prices are also getting higher and higher. Try to be active to get as many resources as you can and upgrade these.

An adventure that will make you feel so much better when you’re bored. With Superdimensional Sex Shop mod, conquer all the most beautiful girls and love them wholeheartedly.

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