Super N Launcher MOD APK (Prime unlocked) 4.6

Updated on 18/03/2023 (3 days ago)
NameSuper N Launcher APK
PublisherSuper Launcher Serie
MOD FeaturesPrime unlocked
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Please choose the most unique and luxurious design for your smartphone by yourself, and it’s time to use Super N Launcher. Are you fed up with the basic boring design of current smartphones? Would you like to change it now? If the answer is yes, then Super N Launcher is definitely for you. Provides a wide range of designs related to smartphone interfaces and tasks. Gives you a new perspective on your beauty and style. Using the designs of this application will make the phone much more enjoyable.

The number of applications that help change the smartphone design from the interface is not tiny. The important thing is that they change the user’s perspective and experience somehow. Among many outstanding applications, Super N Launcher is highly appreciated. Also, because its published designs look very nice and attractive, another reason is that they are all easy to use and uncomplicated. Its capacity is very compact and suitable for a typical application. Are you ready to discover more attractive new designs?

Super N Launcher mod

Download Super N Launcher mod – Change the experience of the smartphone interface

More than 300 unique themes are some of the extraordinary things that Super N Launcher brings to you. These themes will vary from smartphone interface and tasks in various respects. We have popular options of simply changing the color. Change textures and beautiful pictures with the same theme. Choose your favorite theme to use. It may not be easy to approach at first, but it certainly won’t be for long. Change from interface, application icon, taskbar, swipe effect… The experience of using your smartphone will be more and more innovative and more enjoyable.

Super N Launcher mod apk

Edit app icon

The application icon is something you will always see every time you start up your smartphone. So you will see them almost every day whenever you use your phone. Why not try changes to create new experiences for these apps. Super N Launcher provides a unique tool to help you change the appearance of application icons. Replace the apps you use a lot with different shapes. Even change the size to fit the viewing angle and ventilation for the main screen. That will entirely depend on your needs and preferences.

Super N Launcher mod apk free

Unique interface theme

What many people find most attractive and worth trying are the themes of the interface. Usually, the primary interface of a smartphone won’t have too many things for you to consider beautiful because they are inherently essential to suit the vast majority of users. However, when the smartphone owner is you, do you want to change it to suit your personality and preferences? Indeed there is, right? With more than 300 themes with many shades of tones and painting themes. Finding your favorite topic is probably not difficult at all.

Super N Launcher mod free

Hide private apps

You often give your phone to someone else to use a little bit. However, you do not want them to access your private applications. Hidden application mode will help you immediately. Choose apps that you consider confidential and can’t let others know. Then enable to hide them from the home screen and the search bar. Only when you turn this feature off will you be able to see those apps. Social networking apps or work-related documents should be prioritized. Safely protect them from other users.

Super N Launcher free

It decorates and changes to make your smartphone beautiful while providing tools to protect many vital applications. Super N Launcher mod will be the name mentioned a lot in the future. Its convenience and fun will attract many users of all different ages.

Download Super N Launcher MOD APK (Prime unlocked) for Android

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