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Updated 17/04/2022 (2 years ago)
NameStrelok Pro APK
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SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Introduce MOD APK Strelok Pro

A perfect application for users to accurately measure parameters in their shooting shots. Strelok Pro is a more complete and computationally accurate upgrade that you can use. Supports many tools needed to determine the perfect shot. Any discipline can be applied, as long as they have a goal to aim for. Maybe you struggle when you have to struggle in subjects like shooting or archery. Strelok Pro will help you a little to start from scratch. Turn a novice into a shooter with the highest talent and focus.

Strelok Pro is an application of measurement systems associated with natural factors. It’s useful for a real-life problem that many people face right now, especially for concentration sports like shooting or archery. Players must be very calm and correctly aligned, combined with skillful technique. In addition, environmental factors also play an essential role in the impact of bullets and arrows. So Strelok Pro will calculate in all cases of climate and terrain. Give you the most influential movement and force to hit the heart.

Strelok Pro mod

Download Strelok Pro mod – To help you stay on target

First and foremost is always the process of choosing the sport you’re playing. The most popular of the dozens of subjects related to aiming and shooting is shooting and archery. These are the subjects with the condition that maximum concentration of players. Most of them are very difficult and require a lot of practice. Sometimes just a small incident can make you miss the shot altogether. In addition to the correct alignment, you also have to rely on many other external factors. For example, the terrain, climate, and firing force are the most important things. If you are still confused, let’s start learning and shooting.

Strelok Pro mod apk

Important calculation tools

Strelok Pro’s calculation system includes many wind and impact force parameters. Please enter specific numbers related to your distance and target. Exactly where you want to aim. It’s essential to keep their units the same so that they don’t get skewed and lead to erroneous results. Then click on the start calculation button. After about a few seconds, you will have the desired effect. The application will ask you to prepare the correct posture and position to aim. The rest depends on your movements.

Strelok Pro mod apk free

Applicable to many target types

Not only targets or immovable objects, but Strelok Pro also supports you to shoot at movable objects. Select the thing you want to aim at. Each object will have its angle and distance indicators for you to distinguish comfortably. Then, of course, each object will have its difficulty to hit with such a difference. Calculations for those objects also vary in properties and units. For example, it would help if you prioritized choosing a target that you will often shoot to improve the level more straightforwardly.

Strelok Pro mod free

Precise unit adjustment

Precise unit preparation before firing is inevitable and impossible not to do. Strelok Pro has a complete table of suitable distances for you to follow. If you do not have too much knowledge about aiming, using it is more and more reasonable. If they are not yet suitable for the terrain you shoot, feel free to adjust freely. The calculation system always fully meets the needs to have a perfect position. Practice shooting and feel the results to improve your skills.

Strelok Pro free

Shooting and training will become more accurate and exciting if you have Strelok Pro on your smartphone. Calculate the exact direction of the shot and the appropriate corresponding position. Not directly guiding you but will give you the best background and opportunities. Download Strelok Pro mod for free today.

How to Download & Install Strelok Pro APK for Android


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