Street Racing HD MOD APK (Unlocked) 6.5.2

Updated 29/03/2024 (3 weeks ago)
NameStreet Racing HD APK
MOD FeaturesUnlocked
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Introduce MOD APK Street Racing HD

Professional racing in general and street racing, in particular, have always brought great interest all over the world for a long time. Countless titles on the subject have been released from time to time. Street Racing HD MOD APK (Unlocked) is one of those outstanding titles. In order to satisfy the passion of the fans who love the epic race. Want to take part in these chaotic and exciting chases.

There are some characteristics quite similar to the predecessor racing game series like Asphalt or Need For Speed. Street Racing HD APK mod presents you with a colorful street world. Along with top-notch cars. Dozens of racing tracks with completely different designs based on world-famous cities. Definitely a good choice to take part in the top matches, beat your opponents and take first place.

Street Racing HD mod 1

Download Street Racing HD mod – Win the title of number one racer

Bring a familiar and new look to the street racing game series. Street Racing HD APK 6.5.2 lets you enjoy a vibrant, bustling, and suffocating atmosphere when you first step into the game. You will own a basic car from the beginning of the game. Use it to take part in early amateur races. Get used to the chaotic atmosphere of street racing. After fascinating chases, get your car to remodel and upgrade. Or you can upgrade a new car, improve in speed and skill. Master the races and reach the top spot.

Street Racing HD mod apk

Enjoy the street racing atmosphere

At the start of a race, our goal is of course to win and reach number one. However, if they were that simple, the race wouldn’t be as interesting. You will have to face off against extremely skilled and fast racers. Sometimes you will go upstream and drop a rank in a bad time. Hence a feature that will amaze your opponent. That is, destroying their own vehicle, by colliding with the opponent’s vehicle at extremely high speeds. It will help you get up quicker and easier. But be careful because your car can also be destroyed by your opponent!

On the track will appear many Nitro cylinders. If you collect them, you will receive an arc-shaped energy strip that appears underneath your vehicle. Activate that energy band, they will disappear. You will be accelerated a segment to overtake or destroy other racers quickly and unexpectedly. When collecting full range of energy, you can speed up for a much longer time, until the energy bar gradually drops. Use your Nitro tanks effectively to beat your opponents and lead the race as quickly as possible.

Street Racing HD mod free

Decorate your car

Street Racing HD MOD APK owns a lot of epic and luxurious cars. They are designed and engineered by well-known manufacturers. Therefore, quality and appearance need not be debated. A huge warehouse helps you to show off and show your own personality in the races. The opponent will feel admired or wary of your slick performance and appearance. If you are tired of the basic styling of the car, you can completely change the color of the paint, the tail, and the number plate depending on your preference. Make them more colorful and sparkling than ever. Moreover, the upgraded engine feature of the car makes your driver not only beautiful but also much faster.

Street Racing HD mod

Show off with friends around the world

A new game mode will definitely make you feel more excited and more competitive, which is the 1vs1 mode. Take time for intense competition between you and just one opponent. That can be friends, relatives, or anyone in the world. Winning in this mode will help you get extremely attractive gifts, giving you more motivation to be ready for the next fiery race. In addition to the racing system simulating major cities in the world such as Tokyo, Rio or New York… Along with the difficulty levels for you to choose. Try your best and resonate with everyone!

Street Racing HD mod down

With a racing game with graphic design and realistic sound. Simple interface, get used to how to play quickly. Street Racing HD will be an impressive and exciting experience for new players. Help the fans of racing game series to practice their skills. Along with the creative gameplay elements, extremely interesting will entice you to take your eyes off this game. Get ready for breathtaking chase challenges with Street Racing HD mod!

How to Download & Install Street Racing HD MOD APK (Unlocked) for Android


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