State of Survival Funtap MOD APK (Menu, God mode/High Damage) 1.21.70

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NameState of Survival Funtap APK
PublisherFunPlus International
MOD FeaturesMenu, God mode/High Damage
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Introduce MOD APK State of Survival Funtap

We are the warriors of the State of Survival Funtap; never give up our determination even if the world fell into a disaster that could not be saved by anything. Get your weapons ready and start building your empire. Protect yourself and your teammates from bloodthirsty zombies. They will frantically attack any living thing that moves in front of them. Only the bravest can complete the challenge. One of the things you need is perseverance in carrying out your mission.

Funtap is a developer that has been familiar to players in recent times. Indeed the products they bring are exciting things that are appreciated. State of Survival Funtap is one of the biggest hits they have had. With a continuous and extensive advertising campaign, it has become more known. Its unfussy and straightforward strategy gameplay will keep you sitting on your phone for hours. Grow a great empire in a dark post-apocalyptic setting. Feel free to use whatever conditions you need.

State of Survival Funtap mod

Download State of Survival Funtap mod – Survive on the post-apocalyptic battlefield

After the disaster that spread the zombie epidemic, 80% of the population on earth was transformed into the undead. No more crowded urban areas or business activities like before. It’s all a wasteland now full of zombies walking around. Those still alive had to run day and night to escape their attack. Invest in your future by building your military base. Next is recruiting new members everywhere and developing their model with them. Perform resource extraction activities to get enough building materials. Don’t forget there will be big wars between gangs that can happen anytime.

Choose a direction

As a rebel, you get to choose how your base will develop. The first direction is to unite against the legions of the undead through cooperation. The second is to fight against other survivors growing and gaining a monopoly. Either way will give you different advantages and disadvantages. If you cooperate with others, the possibility of competition will be very high. But in return, there will be a steady amount of loot. If you conquer other bases, you will suffer a lot of losses. Especially when losing the battle, and it is challenging to recover the economy. But we always get the best solutions for ourselves.

State of Survival Funtap mod free

Build an army

Your troops can be divided into many different units to serve their purposes. You can own saints, executioners, commandos, soldiers, and other teams. Each team carries a particular attractive characteristic that can be expressed on the battlefield. For example, the player can train multiple people and select a specific number in the marches. Don’t forget that you can also level up the units every time the headquarters is promoted. By using resources, you will improve the basic stats. Makes conquering zombie armies easier. Quickly destroy other bases with superior strength.

State of Survival Funtap mod apk

Exploitation of resources

In addition to fighting, resources are essential to maintain your development. Through resource extraction, you can enrich your empire yourself. There will be dedicated units for this resource extraction problem. You can speed up mining with more people if you want. We need fruit, iron, wood, gasoline, and antibodies against zombie bites. You can mine these in regulated farm zones. However, it will also be possible to be attacked by other gangs in the mining process. So be very careful and sure before deciding to harvest something.

State of Survival Funtap mod android

Collect commanders

Your army cannot fight without anyone leading. We need to recruit the greatest commanders so that they can bring many victories. Commanders can be found through roll calls or quests. The way to get higher-level commanders is to go to the wheel of fortune. The chances of getting commanders with high rarity will be great for you. You should save up to try your luck at any time. Upgrade the commanders you already have so they can fight at their best. Ready to destroy anywhere you specify in State of Survival Funtap mod.

How to Download & Install State of Survival Funtap MOD APK (Menu, God mode/High Damage) for Android


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