Stack Ball MOD APK (Free rewards) 1.1.82

Updated 16/07/2024 (4 days ago)
NameStack Ball APK
MOD FeaturesFree rewards
SupportAndroid 5.1+
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Introduce MOD APK Stack Ball

Stack Ball MOD APK (Free rewards) is where you will use your ball to destroy sturdy brick floors. You will start your entertaining journeys by breaking bricks. They are arranged around wooden columns and form towering towers. Your goal is to get down to its feet and see what’s down there. So you have to overcome the layers of bricks because they are what prevent you from doing that. But you will not be able to destroy it with your bare hands because the bricks are very hard. So use a ball to smash brick floors and complete exploration missions.

When entering the world of Stack Ball you will be taken to the top of different towers. They form a spiral and make it impossible to walk down to the base of the tower. So you need the help of a ball when using it to hit the bricks. It will help you break each floor of bricks until you complete the exploration challenges. However, the bricks are arranged on different sides and not everywhere you can touch them. If your ball hits the black tile floor it will explode and leave you stranded midway. Get ready for the challenge of exploring the world by controlling a ball to break each layer of bricks.

Stack Ball android

Download Stack Ball APK mod – Conquer exciting brick-breaking levels

You will use the balls to break the bricks under your feet. That’s because you entered a new world to explore but were stopped by them. Meanwhile, you cannot use your bare hands to smash them in the fastest time. So you will use the ball in your hand and hit it on different tile floors. They will be colored in separate colors so you can distinguish them from parts that should not be touched. Therefore, you cannot keep holding the ball like that but need to avoid dangerous areas. Start your mission of smashing brick floors until you complete the exploration levels.

Stack Ball mod

Control the ball

With the ball in your hand, you are confident that you can smash every layer of brick under your feet. What you need to do is just help the ball bounce high and hold it to start the brick smashing process. However, this will create friction and cause the tower to start spinning continuously. It will reveal the blackened bricks and you need to pay attention to this special color. If you continue to hold the ball and let it touch the black tile, you will fail immediately. That’s because then the ball will explode and you can no longer continue your mission. Control your ball carefully while smashing bricks in Stack Ball APK.

Stack Ball free

Explore the levels

You now have the balls in your hand and will embark on the process of exploring the towers in Stack Ball APK 1.1.82. They are made up of many layers of bricks, so it will take you many worlds to get to the bottom of the tower. However, with the help of balls, this will happen easier and faster. The only thing you need to do is keep it until it destroys the last layer of bricks. So when you successfully pass levels, you will open up new challenges. Then you will see that the colors of the towers also change depending on their difficulty. Therefore, to have many interesting experiences and feelings, continue your journey.

Stack Ball mod apk

Conquer all challenges

On journeys to explore the world Stack Ball MOD APK you will get new experiences. That’s because you are no longer moving forward but will be looking downward to explore. And what you want to learn about are the towers made of colorful bricks. So you will use a ball that can help you break those brick floors. Thanks to that, you will get closer to the base of the towers and complete your mission. However, on those journeys, you must control the ball so that it does not touch prohibited areas. Conquer the missions to break towers made of bricks and explore the entire world.

Stack Ball apk

You will enter the world of brick towers and begin your exploration journeys. Your goal then is to destroy the bricks to see if there is anything inside. But they are very hard and breaking them with your hands is impossible. However, luckily you own the balls and they will do it for you. So what you need to do is hold them so that the ball focuses on one point to start hitting down. Every time a brick is broken you get closer to your goal. Download Stack Ball MOD APK to conquer the task of destroying towers made of colorful bricks.

How to Download & Install Stack Ball MOD APK (Free rewards) for Android


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