Speedtest MOD APK (Unlocked Premium) 5.3.6

Updated 16/04/2024 (5 days ago)
NameSpeedtest APK
MOD FeaturesUnlocked Premium
SupportAndroid 4.1+
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Introduce MOD APK Speedtest

Have you ever found yourself unable to load the internet or watch the video you want? Surely this is a major obstacle to using the internet. Speedtest will help you fix this, test your connection speed. Make sure the network connection is stable. If there is a problem with your network connection, the application will notify the device. You are completely assured to use it without worrying about problems. This useful application is essential for you when you regularly work with the network. Users will be tested by Speedtest connection speed with just one touch. Bring high efficiency for users when using, solving network problems.

The application has been chosen by many users around the world. Because it provides full features, simple to use. Optimized interface for users to easily familiarize with how to use. Give users 2GB data free via VPN per month. This also attracts more customers to download apps to their devices. Always upgrade the features to improve the application. Make users happy and overcome their difficulties. Speedtest is like a companion with you, not worrying about network congestion.

Speedtest mod download

Download Speedtest mod – Check the speed of the network connection

Network speed is always interested by all users of the network. It significantly affects the process of using for personal purposes. However, the congestion of the network when connected is increasing. Causes many difficulties when you are surfing the web, playing games, watching movies. Each time like that will make you angry, want to smash your device. And Speedtest app was born, released by Ookla. One of the reputable publishers, plays a significant role in the network. Build large networks, for users to connect smoothly. Resolve concerns for customers, not let the freeze continue.

Speedtest mod free

High speed

With just a short time, the application is extremely fast, helping you to check the network speed. As soon as you open Speedtest, an icon will blink around the word GO. Click this icon, then it will connect to the device you’re using. There will be a clock display measuring the network connection speed. Shows the network frequency with blue or purple lines. Once your network status is stable, there aren’t many problems. These displayed lines will be in the form of horizontal lines. The app also displays download and upload speeds. Thus, you can figure out whether to download this data to your device or not. The speed is fast, does not make the user wait long.

Data security

Security is always on top of the application. Gives you peace of mind when using the services here. Speedtest is also a VPN app, allowing you to browse the web. When connected to wireless networks, access public places. This is also a very dangerous situation when connecting. It is easy for hackers to steal important information and data. But just turn on VPN Speedtest, no worries. Absolutely confidentiality of your privacy rights, personal information. And when you turn on VPN Speedtest, the app will also check the network speed over VPN.

Server connection

Application provides server for users to connect. Placed in all places, bringing convenience to users. Easy to connect anytime, anywhere, fast transmission line. The servers provided by the application are of the best quality. There are also parameters to test that network transmission. Provide the fastest access results for users to connect. With the server system distributed globally, Speedtest has been promoting its role. Ensures users when using uninterrupted network.

Speedtest mod android

Checking connection

At Speedtest there is a history of the network health check results. Stored in Results, there is network information, usage speed. Looking at this history, users will have an overview of the network connection. Tracking whether the network is stable or not, meeting your needs. For you to continue using that network or switch to a better network. Speedtest will do a good job of checking internet health, giving users objective reviews.

Speedtest useful application for users to connect to the network effectively. Check your network connection, is still stable or not. Experiment with utility services available only at Speedtest. Provides high features, friendly interface. Download Speedtest mod app to measure network speed most accurately.

How to Download & Install Speedtest MOD APK (Unlocked Premium) for Android


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