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SPACEPLAN MOD APK is a place to challenge your ability to explore life in the vast galaxy. You will experience an interactive game where space theories are tested. This is information related to the time and history of a famous physicist. You will experience and have the opportunity to confirm whether those theories are genuine. Spaceships will take you out into space and begin exploring the mysteries. Besides, you will be able to set foot on different planets that you have always dreamed of. Start your journey into the vast galaxy and uncover the mysteries of the universe.

You will start the mission by launching space devices into space. They are shaped like giant potatoes and will help you access the secrets. They will appear in space and link to the planets that you successfully landed on. And after a successful launch, you need to control the ships orbiting the planets. That’s where many cosmic mysteries come into play, and it’s up to you to decide what to explore. So, show off your ability to solve galactic mysteries with the evidence you see. Explore extragalactic events as a pilot of space probes.


Download SPACEPLAN MOD APK – Complete the quest to explore the mysterious galaxy

Your goal as a space flyer is to uncover mysteries. The universe is vast, and many mysteries are still waiting to be explored by humans. So, you will represent humanity piloting probes to fly into space. There are many planets that you can reach and discover all the secrets. But first, you need to build ships to perform the tasks. They will protect you from space’s dangers and are your analysis tools. Learn stories about planets as you begin your space exploration.


Space ships

You need to own special vehicles to help you survive when leaving the Earth. Those spaceships allow you to enter and control them flying in the sky. And you will start your journey with a ship like a potato. It contains advanced technologies to help you analyze cosmic mysteries. In addition to that main ship, you will discover more than 15 other ships and exploration equipment. And you will step-by-step unlock to use them in your journey to explore the universe. Control your space exploration devices as you enter the vast space in the SPACEPLAN MOD APK.


Explore planets

The vast outer planets are the goals you must reach and successfully explore. There are five different planets with many mysteries to start your exploration. So, you must control your probe to land on the surface and start the mission. Each planet will have different lives, and they also contain stories. It can be helpful to information, or it will be silly things you are exposed to. However, there will be stories that attract you to continue to experience the quest of discovery. Immerse yourself in planetary exploration missions in your outer space career.


Find out all the secrets

You are a space explorer when you become the owner of the probes. They are modern vehicles that help you fly into space and reach the planets. And with the help of the probes, you will come into contact with five planets in outer space. When you come here, you will see a reality different from what you see on Earth. So, it would be best to continue your quest to explore two different realities and find the mystery. During this process, you will be exposed and reveal the secrets to complete the mission. Successfully uncover cosmic secrets and show off your galactic exploration talent.


Going into space is an honor for you to start your career exploring the vast universe. This environment is entirely different from Earth, so you must own modern ships. They will take you to space and explore five different planets in space. First, you will control the probes to find out their general situation. You will then directly land on the surfaces of the planets and begin the process of learning. That is also when the secrets are gradually revealed, and you will be challenged to decipher those mysteries. Download SPACEPLAN MOD APK to successfully explore the galaxy after collecting the mysteries of outer space.

How to Download & Install SPACEPLAN APK for Android


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