Space Colony MOD APK 4.0.3 (Unlimited Gold/Diamond)

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NameSpace Colony APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Gold/Diamond
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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An idle construction game on space bases called Space Colony. When social status is determined by wealth and lots of money. This motivates humans to build a lot of bases on earth and in space. Build mining areas to collect people’s money. Become an adventurer, a miner, a successful businessman through real estate, and mining areas. Follow the guidance of an astronaut girl with pink hair. Bases, offices, and vehicles,… are designed in the style of the future and match the planets on which you will base them.

Start tjai, an area that already has some basic mining bases. Then, click on the rooms that the player wants to manipulate, it will show a white board. On it was a picture of the room and a picture of black hammers with a gray wrench. Click on that icon to be able to repair your base. But instead of upgrading it, the player is redirected to a list of other apartments. Click on the base the player wants to be able to build it. With the basic operating instructions in the first part, a list of cars appears. But with a small amount of money initially, the player can only choose a small car.

Space Colony apk

Download Space Colony mod – Build a mining base in outer space

When clicking on the car the player buys, there is a cellar appearing from underground. The car the player chooses will run out of that basement. And then the basement sank again and returned to its original state. The game allows you to build bases from planet to planet. In a vast space map, there are models of planets arranged in straight lines. The starting point is our dear planet, after which the player completes the required missions to unlock the next planets. The terrain and minerals in each planet are different. Mining and construction also vary from region to region.

Space Colony mod apk

Upgrade the base

As soon as your white space shuttle is docked. Observe the situation of mining works and mines. If the economy is rich, use that money to build more buildings and upgrade mines. Press and hold on to the work, the table that pops up also has a split item. This means that if you have enough money and potions, you can clone your base. Then also use this money to upgrade the mines, they have a different shape with each upgrade. After upgrading, the time it takes them to process minerals will also be faster. The amount of money earned from these minerals also increased. In the long run, it’s an economic way to make more money.

Space Colony android

16 different planets

As mentioned at the beginning, the planets are different and the number is up to 16 planets. Depending on the different planet, the terrain and weather are also different. As on earth, the terrain will be green lawns, brown dirt trails. On the moon is arid gray sand with clusters of cylindrical rocks lined with cloth. Or on the planet Charlico with a purple magical land. The minerals here are green in the form of hexagonal gems. When you want to move to another planet, the player can click on the cosmic black hole area with blue lights in the right corner of the screen.

Space Colony mod


Mining is a tough job that requires the right tools and machines. If only with simple hands and human strength, this is impossible. Therefore, Space Colony provides many mining support devices in many stages. The cranes or excavators with many different colors such as orange, red, gray, … The team of cars transporting minerals is no less competitive. From the small white cargo van to the larger one. Self-driving cargo van with a gray front end with red lines. The spaceship carrying cargo from planet to planet is black with green lines. Each car has a different price.

Space Colony apk free

Train the crew of astronauts to familiarize them with mining operations. And can operate easily without your presence. With four different logistics centers taking on specialized work. Besides, there are five research centers with the aim of finding rare gems. There are crews of astronauts moving in rows from one location to another. To Mars with the air enveloped in blazing heat. Download Space Colony mod to become an astronaut, a rich businessman from space mining.

Download Space Colony MOD APK (Unlimited Gold/Diamond) for Android

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