Soul Linker MOD APK (Menu, Damage/Defense/Auto win)

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NameSoul Linker APK
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesMenu, Damage/Defense/Auto win
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Come to Soul Linker to join Japan’s hit RPG war. With a neat and clean link combat system. You will be transformed into a character participating in the battle for survival. Get the interface of beautiful anime characters. Soul Linker is very attractive to girls or fans of Japanese manga series. Players will bring weapons and equipment to destroy demons to earn money and experience. Again an RPG game, so you will play as a heroic warrior with your friends to participate in this survival battle. You can also fight with your teammates and armies. Unleash powerful magic moves.

The battle takes place in a magical land with the participation of many magicians and sorcerers from all over the world. You will play the guy Ethan who is buried in the ruins of the village. Thanks to Dominic’s help, you can escape. That’s why you followed him to the mysterious city of Heidelberg and discovered his magical abilities. Become the best magician in the town with unique spells. In the beginning you may find it challenging to approach the plot. There will be a beautiful Rochekawa emissary to guide and assist you on your way to uncovering the mysteries within this beautiful city of Heidelberg.

Soul Linker mod apk

Download Soul Linker mod – become a talented magician and discover the mysteries behind the mysterious city of Heidelberg

In the beginning you will log into the server with your name and follow the directions to a barren land. Here you will be introduced through the content and passage of the game. Next will be the reappearance of the basic little demons. Maybe just poisonous green mushrooms or small rocks. Wipe out all the obstacles and evil monsters on your adventure. Then move to other locations in the area. Then, through the circle of light on the ground, you can flexibly move between magical lands. Always carry the magic wand to deal with the youkai that appear anywhere.

Soul Linker mod

Seven units and seven weapons

Coming to Soul Linker, you can choose one of 7 magical units to join. These units will be run by the best magicians in the mysterious city. They set out to establish bases and gather talented disciples around the planet. Each team will have specific skills and identification characteristics. Costumes and hair also help you distinguish these sects. Attached are the typical weapons of the magicians here. Possibly rare wooden scepters. Or the iron trident with sparkling gems. Choose a unit and weapon that best suits your combat purpose.

Dungeons with multiple modes

With the vastness of the areas in Soul Linker, the dungeons will also be distributed everywhere. Each of these dungeons will have a particular requirement and task. Includes many modes such as wave dungeon, limited turn, boss, and escort mission available. After completing the challenge, you can quickly exit and go to the next jail. The items in each dungeon also have more diverse uses. Can help you increase combat power. Strengthen armor, and add new magic skills. Join teammates or teammates to complete group challenges efficiently. It also attracts young and beautiful girls.

Upgrade equipment

As a talented magician of the Soul Linker, advanced weapons and equipment are indispensable with a vast arsenal of weapons and shops and forges all over the city. Equip your cloak and your staff with your companion. Jewelry such as rings or hats, bracelets, and shoes also increase the player’s stats. And these equipment can completely be upgraded and refined. Collect enough stones through daily quests and collect gold coins. The higher the upgrade, the more your body stats will increase. In addition to the ability to beautify, the equipment also gives you damage, accuracy, and shield.

Soul Linker is a harmonious combination of beautiful 3D anime characters with ear-catching sounds. Bringing diverse combat experiences. Expand your character’s background and controllability. The character system of Soul Linker is also closely related to each other. Each person will have functions and duties like no other. Download Soul Linker mod to control opponents and destroy evil bosses.

Download Soul Linker MOD APK (Menu, Damage/Defense/Auto win) for Android

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