SmartTube Next MOD APK (Optimized) 22.41

Updated 11/07/2024 (2 days ago)
NameSmartTube Next APK
CategoryVideo Editor
MOD FeaturesOptimized
SupportAndroid 4.4+
SmartTube Next MOD APK detail?
  1. Replaced icons for the original
  2. Title changed on YouTube
  3. The color of the menu icon changes depending on the theme
  4. SmartTube Next image is intact
  5. Placed next to the original

Introduce MOD APK SmartTube Next

Developed exclusively for the Android TV operating system. SmartTube Next is another choice if you want to experience YouTube videos without ads. Exactly, this app will allow you to watch Youtube on TV. At the same time, no ads will appear while you are watching. Although not officially from Youtube, this is a way to enjoy videos that are not bad. With just a little time, you can create the experience you want at any time. At the same time, the interface is refreshed to be more modern and suitable for use on TVs.

First of all, its interface is entirely similar to Youtube except for the primary blue color in contrast to the red color of the original version. Almost all the activities on this app will be identical to Youtube. The only difference is that you do them on your Android TVs at home. Use controls or voice to perform various actions. This unofficial version will have a more minimalist feel but is convenient because it has no ads and works extremely fast in many latest Android versions.

SmartTube Next mod

Download SmartTube Next mod – New way to watch videos on Youtube

When accessing SmartTube Next, we will still have recommended videos right on the homepage. Next is the installation section, with features that I will talk about shortly. You need to use the remote, scroll between videos to select and watch them. While viewing, other functions on the remote still work as usual. For example, increase or decrease the volume, set the speed of the video, fast forward, and reverse the videos. To ensure the complete experience, watch the video in full-screen mode. Not only recommended videos, but you can also watch the videos you want yourself by searching for them in the search bar.

SmartTube Next mod free

Key interactions

Most viewers who use YouTube are aware of these interactions. When watching a video, we can Like or Dislike to show our like or dislike for that video. Also, when you want to follow a channel’s videos for a long time, please subscribe to follow that channel and receive notifications from the latest videos. That’s the daily routine of YouTube users. From there, you can find out what interests you when watching your videos. Finding content has never been so easy. Like or dislike a video will also affect Youtube’s algorithms. Even if you use them on SmartTube Next, it still happens as usual.

SmartTube Next mod apk

Watch news free

The news system that SmartTube Next publishes is completely free for you to access and enjoy at any time. The news will revolve around entertainment topics located within your country. All foreign words will be translated into your language. This is a very convenient thing and will change how you watch the news every day. In addition, information about the data and videos you have watched will also be saved. So you can find them again and view them in case you forget them. Create your favorite playlists to listen to at your leisure or stay productive.

Listen to music and play games

Not only watching videos, but music products are also constantly updated on SmartTube Next. You will hear the music of many famous artists in the world. Through albums and quality, there is no doubt. Listening to music is a perfect choice when you don’t want to watch videos. Relaxing to feel healthier creates effective learning and working effects. Not stopping there, this TV application also integrates a lot of small games. Sensibly meet the entertainment needs, suitable for all ages. Not just one but many beautiful moments for you to do with family and friends.

SmartTube Next mod apk free

Although not an official application of Youtube, the videos that SmartTube Next provides are from Youtube. Their quality can be trusted entirely and enjoyed in a usual way. If you don’t already have the app on your TV, you should probably get it right away because it’s so convenient. With SmartTube Next mod, your experience will be changed much more unique.

How to Download & Install SmartTube Next MOD APK (Optimized) for Android


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